What Lies Beneath the Surface: Three Cosmetic Enhancements Girls Use, and How to Spot Them

"There is a lot of makeup involved"

“There is a lot of makeup involved”

Women are master illusionists: they can take their worst feature and make themselves look like a supermodel. It’s even more dangerous as they get older, because then they master the technique of hiding flaws. That’s cool – you’re not going to care a lot what a girl looks like underneath the facade if you’re just making out with her at the club – but when everything comes off, you don’t want to be surprised. Know how to spot cosmetic tricks, and be prepared to deal. We don’t think of these as deal breakers, so much as having the full story before making a decision about whether or not to proceed.

Push Up Bras

As old as time itself: the art of boobs. Girls have been doing things to make their cleavage look different for centuries depending on what was considered hot at the time. They’ve covered them up, made them pointy, made them big, and made them small. The thing is that the girl you’re looking to hook up with has ONE PAIR, and they are going to look ONE WAY when the bra comes off. If you like big tits and you’re not sure if the dark magic of a push up bra is at work, check out her cleavage. Is it real, or are her boobs just smashed together? Do her boobs MOVE when she does? If you’re attracted to a girl because of her cleavage, don’t be disappointed later when you’re getting down, and suddenly those luscious lady bits you couldn’t keep your eyes off of are more modest than you first thought.


"Look closely at this before and after image of a woman"

“Look closely at this before and after image of a woman”

There’s tons of guys that say they prefer “the natural look,” but let us tell you, brother, that no one prefers the natural look. Girls without makeup doesn’t mean they take off their mascara or fake eyelashes or whatever crazy thing they’ve glued to themselves, and suddenly you’re chilling in bed with Scarlett Johansson. Clubs are hot and sweaty and gross, and after a night out, your lady is going to have some major under eye circles going on and probably not-perfect skin. Be prepared for this. Makeup hides blemishes, acne, and even weirdly shaped facial features, so don’t expect to wake up with a girl looking the same way she did when you met her. It’s hard to tell what a girl is going to look like without makeup, but one good way to get an idea is see her in a light other than the dim ones of a bar or club.


Girls have the advantage of wearing heels to make themselves taller. If a girl is only five feet tall, for example, all she has to do is strap on a pair of stilettos, and suddenly she’s four inches taller. This also makes her body look different, so keep that in mind. This is an easy cosmetic enhancement to catch, because all you have to do is look at her shoes. Subtract how high her heels are to get a true sense of her height. A chick that looks Amazonian may actually be extremely petite.


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