What to Wear (and Not Wear) When a Chick Spends the Night

You achieved the number one goal of a night out: you got laid and had amazing sex with a hot babe. Excellent work. But now it’s over, and you’re wondering what to do next. Well, consider your options: is the girl staying over or leaving? This can be a little awkward, although a lot of times, girls will make the decision themselves and split. If she doesn’t, and you’re okay with it (we always are – a little shared warmth in bed can’t hurt), then you’re left with the dilemma of how to approach the rest of the night. Maybe you’re also dealing with a situation where it’s not your first hookup with the chick, and you want to impress her enough to continue a fling. Basically, no matter what the end goal is, you don’t want to make yourself look like an ass. We get it, because we’ve been there. Let us give you a little advice about what has and hasn’t worked for us after the orgasm is over.

Pajamas or Au Naturel?

If you just had some hot sweaty sex for the first time, it’s probably okay to fall asleep naked, but give yourself the option of extra blankets. Spooning someone in bed can be intimate, and if you don’t want to go there with your hookup, having something else to curl up with can get past the awkwardness of not wanting to cuddle. However, if it’s the second or third time you’ve hooked up with a chick, donning some pajama bottoms isn’t a bad idea. Maybe she comes over and you don’t go all the way, but she gives you a BJ… she might not want your sweaty junk pressed against her all night. If you’re going with pajamas, keep it to neutral colors and light fabric, and don’t wear your socks. That’s about the unsexiest thing you can do.

What’s She Wearing?

"If she is wearing casual night clothes - you can get casual too"

“If she is wearing casual night clothes – you can get casual too”

Take a cue from what she’s got on. Obviously if you’re hooking up for the first time and depending on where you are, this isn’t going to be an effective tactic for figuring out what is okay to wear to bed. But if you’re at her place, for example, and she pulls out a ratty t-shirt and booty shorts, rest assured that you can probably sleep in your boxers and not worry too much about your ass crack showing. Not exactly sexy, though. That seems a little too much like being married to us, or at least having a girlfriend, so watch out for that one.

Fancy Lingerie

"You can get fancy too"

“You can get fancy too”

She’s trying to impress you, and she wants to be impressed in return. Wear some of your nicest underwear, like briefs that accentuate your assets in a NEUTRAL, dark color, and maybe even do some manscaping. It can’t hurt, and she’ll be way more down for fun, nocturnal activities if she thinks you made as much of an effort as she did. Don’t choose anything too ridiculous, like silk boxers, because then it just looks like you’ve been cast in a bad soap opera. Keep it manly, but attractive.


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