What’s the Fox Say? Some Romantic Phrases

Romantic lines are like a minefield when you’re debating throwing one or two out at your lady. If your relationship is new you really don’t want to make her laugh at you. Most of the relationships that you know that WORK have little things they say or do just with each other. You don’t want to be connected at the hip or a bleeding heart. You also don’t want to be that douche who never says anything nice to his girlfriend. There’s a fine line between saying something so corny that neither of you can bare to repeat it in public nor being that boyfriend that all her friends are jealous of. So what CAN you say? We’ll explain some nuances for you.

Keep Her On Your Level

"Choose your words carefully"

“Choose your words carefully”

One thing that we all are guilty of is saying ?babe? or ?baby? a lot to our ladies. This is not the worst thing that you can do, some chicks love that. Some don’t. Make sure you gauge how she reacts to pet names. The bottom line is that women want to be treated as our equals. So instead of something like ?you’re my princess, I’ll take care of you,? you should say ?I’d go into battle with you anytime.? Remember, a lot of chicks like to game, they like fantasy adventures as much as we do. Instead of giving her the image of staying at home wishing for your safe return, give her one of you and her kicking ass together.

Keep them Fun

"Privacy is imperative"

“Privacy is imperative”

Our title’s a dig at an internet meme. That’s exactly what we were going for. Phrases between you and your lady don’t have to be well researched or dripping with sentiment. We know a couple who when things get tense, one of them will just yell ?do a barrel roll, Starfox? and they immediately lighten up. We had to ask what the hell they were doing, but it worked for them. Find something that the two of you like to do together and focus on that. Is there a catch phrase or something that happened that made you both start cracking up? Use that to your advantage.

Keep it Between You Two

To keep the barrel roll example going, we never really got the whole story from this couple and honestly, we don’t want to. It’s between them, something fun and private that they share. That’s sort of the key to whatever romantic sayings you’re going to whip up. Odds are that it will hit you, out of the blue and turn into something that the two of you share. You can’t really force those moments to happen. When they do, however, you’ll know what you’re doing.

The bottom line with romantic lines isn’t to research them. It isn’t something that you have to look up in an ancient book that you’ll never really read. Romantic lines and phrases can be as stupid as ?do a barrel roll, Starfox.? It all depends on what it means to you and her, that’s it.


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