When to Call, Text or E-mail: How to Score with the Right Communication Moves

You meet a chick you’re into and you want to contact her. Whether this means you’ve already hooked up, or you’re looking to score for the first time, there’s a way to go about it. This dance is one of the most difficult dilemmas you’ll encounter with women. If you’re too eager, you look desperate. If you don’t make the right type of contact, you get dropped. There’s a good way to decide how and when to contact your lady, and with the technological age we live in, there’s a lot of different options. This is both good and bad, because there’s communication etiquette. You no longer just call her up and have the biggest dilemma be whether to leave a message on the answering machine. Even voicemail is a delicate process (as in never leave one). Here are some of the pitfalls we’ve encountered, and ways to avoid them.


"Call only when the time is right"

“Call only when the time is right”

Let’s be up front about this right now: this is a LAST ditch option if you’ve just met a girl. It’s a different situation if you know her and have gone out a few times, but if you just met, DO NOT call her. This is overwhelming for her to deal with, and it makes you look way too eager when there’s more casual options available. The right time to call a chick is when you’ve already met her a few times, and it’s PRACTICAL. Let’s say you make plans and the time changes because you get stuck at work – this is a good time to call your girl. You need to let her know immediately, and it’s stupid to depend on texting and waiting for a confirmation text in return. Keep the conversation brief and to the point, and don’t make any cutesy jokes, even when she tries it (and she will).


"Texting is easy - go for it"

“Texting is easy – go for it”

This is your best option unless you need to communicate something urgently. You shouldn’t have anything urgent to say to a girl you just met or hooked up with anyway, but this is the mode of acceptable communication with chicks that you’re interested in. It’s casual and the girl can respond whenever she wants. It also makes you look like you’re into her, but you’re not so desperate to contact her that you’re calling and leaving long voicemails. Would you want to hear from some girl you hooked up with the night before on your voicemail, asking to see you again? No. We wouldn’t either. Text her if you want to score, and avoid emoticons. Those are weird and cheesy.


This option makes the most sense if you met your hookup online. You were probably already messaging on a dating and then moved onto e-mail. It’s okay to send her a follow up e-mail if you go on a date and you want to hook up, or if you hooked up and you had a good time. However, if you’re going to make solid plans beyond telling her you want to hang out again, move on to texting.


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