Why the Bro Code Doesn’t Apply to Casual Flings

“Bro code not applicable here”
You’ve heard of the bro code, right? They’re a set of unwritten rules that all guys and their friends are expected to follow, governing everything from what you’re supposed to prioritize, to whether it’s alright to drink the last beer, down to the fact that you’re not EVER supposed to sleep with your buddy’s ex. Now, we can totally roll with that whole “not sleeping with your friend’s ex” bit. Who wants sloppy seconds from a relationship that probably ended horribly? You don’t want to get involved with an emotional mess your buddy left behind, and you don’t want to invoke his wrath if it was the girl who broke his heart in two. The situation can get really ugly really fast. You’ll find, however, that most guys agree that the bro code doesn’t apply if it’s just a casual fling.

When It’s OK

There are some stipulations to this, though. We probably don’t have to tell you that if your buddy dated this girl pretty seriously, you shouldn’t try and get with her even for a casual fling. If he was just with her for a day or two though, she’s fair game. Don’t fall into thinking that just because YOU’RE only going to have a fling with her it doesn’t matter what she had with your friend. That’s just poor form, man. Don’t be that guy! If she breaks it off with your buddy because they’re starting to develop feelings for each other and just aren’t ready for that, avoid her, too. Even though she and your friend didn’t officially date he’ll probably still get more than a little pissed if you go after her. If she’s just a girl that your buddy took to a party or two or a girl he slept with once or twice because it was convenient, go right ahead and try to get with her. Chances are, your buddy won’t do more than joke about being mad. Casual flings are FAR from the same thing as serious relationships, so go for it!

You’re Next In Line

“Wait for it”
How do you do that, though? Most guys think it’s pretty rude to make those sorts of jokes you see in the movies and sitcoms; you know, saying things like “When you get tired of my buddy, you come and see me.” Not only does it sound campy, it’s rude as hell to your friend and you should avoid saying it! No matter how hot the girl is and how badly you wish it was you banging her when your buddy takes her upstairs at that wild house party, you don’t want to be like that! You never know, if you took a chance and said it, figuring your buddy would get over it, there’s always the chance that the girl will take it badly and you’ll ruin all your chances. If you’re flirtingwith her pretty heavily when your buddy’s not around, when their casual little fling runs its course she may very well fall right into your lap! Sometimes it just takes a little patience. Let your friend bore her to death and then swoop in when they decide they don’t want to screw anymore. Amaze her with your skills and you’ll get her whenever you want!


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