Why You Should Avoid Shopping with a Girl You’re Trying to Stay Casual With

“Avoid going for shopping with a girl”
Shopping with a girl is probably right at the top of your list of things you want to avoid ever having to do. If you’re like most other guys out there, you didn’t expect that going shopping with a girlwould be as bad as it is and so you agreed to go with her just once. You probably got stuck carrying the bag from every store she went to and you were probably forced to sit awkwardly outside the changing room to give her opinions on everything she tried on. That’s annoying enough when it’s a serious girlfriend who wants you to do that stuff, but when it’s a girl you’re just seeing as a casual fling or just hooking up with every now and then, it’s the most awful thing ever. You expect that from a girlfriend and when it happened, you probably sat through it because you liked her, but when you’re just sleeping with her there’s no reason to force yourself to sit through all of that. Aside from being incredibly obnoxious, it’s also recommended that you don’t do any kind of shopping with a girl that you’re trying to maintain a casual, no-strings-attached relationship with because it sends her a message you probably don’t want to send.

Are You Ready to Settle Down?

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“Are you thinking about settling down?”
Going shopping with the girl you’re banging will tell her that you want to start doing more relationship-centric things with her. Next she’ll be scheduling a date for every specific day of the week if she’s the kind of girl who ultimately wants commitment and before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a relationship for half a year before you get yourself out of it. ESPECIALLY if she’s going shopping for domestic items, you’re going to want to run as far as you can in the opposite direction, tell her you’re busy and avoid her until she’s stopped talking about shopping. Yeah, she cooks you breakfast when you stay the night at her house so you might think she’ll value your opinion on a new set of plates or silverware for her kitchen, and you roll around with her enough in her bed that you’d think you have a say in her sheets. Shopping for domestic items, especially, tells a girl that you’re at a point in your life where you’re ready to settle down, presumably with her since you apparently seem to care about going shopping with her.

Don’t Get Trapped

We hope you have the good sense to say no if she wants you to go shopping with her AND a group of her friends. Most women aren’t going to introduce you to their friends if they’re just a booty callto you, so that alone should raise a red flag. If she wants you to meet them, she wants their opinion, which she would only care about if she’s starting to think you’re someone she might want to stay with and date in a more serious way. If you go shopping with her and her friends, too, not only do you have to deal with her shopping bags, but all of her friends’, too, because she’ll want you to seem like such a gentleman. That’s not a position you want to let yourself get pushed into. Watch out for the sneaky things women try and do to rope you into getting committed when all you wanted was sex.


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