Why You Should Moan More

You know what’s sexy? Hot and intimate sex with two responsive partners. Do you know what ISN’T sexy? Leaving your chick to make all the noise while you keep quiet except the occasional “yeah, right there.” Do you think that it takes away from your masculinity to moan a little? Moaning does everything BUT that. If you want a one-way ticket to a night she’ll remember forever, make some noise! No matter what your bros tell you, the whole strong, silent type thing isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Let Her Know She’s Doing Great

“It is a confidence booster for her”

Imagine you’re a girl (bear with me here) and you’re going down on a guy for the first time. You’re down there for a while, and he comes, but he was more or less completely silent the entire time. Chances are you’d assume that you’d done a terrible job, and would feel self-conscious and discouraged. This is exactly how she feels when you don’t make noise when you’re with her! If you want your girl to really respond to you, let her know that you LOVE what she’s doing. Do you want more of that? Tell her! She’ll be happy that you like it enough to ask for more, and she’ll be even more enthusiastic. And if you like something, go ahead and let out a moan. It’ll be encouraging for her, not to mention it’ll get her wetter than you’ve ever seen her.

Great For Her, Too

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“She is going to put in some extra efforts”

Not only is moaning well for her ego, it’s great for her sex drive. You probably love making her scream, and by reciprocating with your own sounds it’s way easier to get her to that point. Hearing you respond to her will get her blood pumping and she’ll never want to get off of you. You’re guaranteed to be the best experience of her life even if you have a few shortcomings because of the communication you two will share during sex. Even for casual sex, this is an amazing way to spice up your entire night and keep everyone satisfied. Whenever she leaves she’s sure to talk you up to her friends, and maybe you can show them a few tricks, too. Knowing this sexy little secret will have girls flinging themselves into your bed and your bros wondering how you score so many babes. And for extra credit, actually be louder than her! It’ll be a thrill for her to hear that from you, as every other guy she’s been with has probably been way quieter or just not made any noise at all.

Being stoic is good at times to seem a bit cold and indifferent – it gets girls interested and fighting to be with you, but it’s no good in bed. She doesn’t want to think you’re indifferent to what she’s doing to you! If you go with that route in bed, she’ll just be put off and won’t perform as well as she could. Let her really know how you feel by throwing in some moans; not unnaturally, just whenever you feel it, don’t hold back!


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