You Really Do Drive Each Other Crazy, and Why That’s Good

She seems like the perfect girl. She’s got a banging body, great boobs, a sexy ass and long legs that look great wrapped around your waist or thrown up over your shoulders. She’s got soft blonde hair and full lips and her skin feels like a little slice of heaven when she’s pressed against you in bed, and best of all, she gets that your relationship is a casual, just-sex kind of setup. She’s hot as hell, and you MIGHT even someday think of dating her when you decide you want to settle down… But wait. She’s…NOT perfect. In fact, she drives you insane, and not in a good way. Out of the bedroom, she might be just about the most intolerable person ever. Her voice drives you insane and she has nothing to talk about that you’re remotely interested in and you think to yourself that you’ve never met anyone shallower than she is on a daily basis. Well, guys, we’re here to tell you why this kind of thinking is actually good to keeping your relationship with her casual!


“Things can get wild in bed”
First of all, this kind of thinking stops you from wanting to move toward any kind of commitment, helping you avoid a serious relationship. Though it happens to women more often than it happens to men, but guys can fall victim to the quicksand of commitment too. After a while of sleeping together fairly regularly, no matter how much you insist your relationship is absolutely string-less, it’s going to start to feel normal to refer to yourselves as “dating” rather than “going with” or something that equally indicates a hookup. If you can step back and admit to yourself that she drives you insane and you’d never want anything more to do with her than sex (like dating, or god forbid, marriage) then you’ve avoided letting yourself fall into this way of thinking! You do NOT want to catch yourself thinking she’d make a good girlfriend, and hopefully no matter how hot she is, you’ll be able to keep your relationship as just sex and not try and date her.

Red Flag

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“She might take it as a sign of commitment”
If she acts obnoxious enough that you don’t think your friends would want to meet her, for one thing, you’re probably right. For another thing, taking a girl to meet your friends is right under taking her to meet your parents as far as committed relationship behaviors go. That acts as a red flag that send a big message her way, one that says “I want to have a serious relationship.” Trust us; she’ll perceive it like that! If she annoys you so much you think that your friends wouldn’t be able to stand her and you’d rather keep her and your sex life all to yourself, then it’s just another way you’re going to be able to avoid the pull of a possible serious relationship. So don’t worry guys, if she’s a great girl to sleep with but one you’d want to date, it’ll be a good thing for you in the long run!


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