You Really Do Drive Each Other Crazy, and Why That’s Good

She seems like the perfect girl. She’s got a banging body, great boobs, a sexy ass and long legs that look great wrapped around your waist or thrown up over your shoulders. She’s got soft blonde hair and full lips and her skin feels like a little slice of heaven when she’s pressed against you in bed, and best of all, she gets that your relationship is a casual, just-sex kind of setup. She’s hot as hell, and you MIGHT even someday think of dating her when you decide you want to settle down… But wait. She’s…NOT perfect. In fact, she drives you insane, and not in a good way. Out of the bedroom, she might be just about the most intolerable person ever. Her voice drives you insane and she has nothing to talk about that you’re remotely interested in and you think to yourself that you’ve never met anyone shallower than she is on a daily basis. Well, guys, we’re here to tell you why this kind of thinking is actually good to keeping your relationship with her casual! Commitment-Free “Things can get wild in bed” First of all, this kind of thinking stops you from wanting to move toward any kind of commitment, helping you avoid a…

Winter Date Ideas

Fall’s here now and we’re moving on to winter. For most of us, the weather is cold and it’s difficult to get out and enjoy things like long walks or even dinner out without feeling like our feet are freezing and hearing our babes complain that their legs are cold. You just can’t do the same things when it’s frosty outside that you can do when it’s warm. That doesn’t mean that you have to stay in! Here are some ideas to do even when the weather outside is frightful. Local Bed and Breakfast If you are in an area that doesn’t make bank on its winter tourism, then you are going to be able to get a smoking hot deal on any of your local bed and breakfasts. These small houses have a lot of charm to them, always offer delicious food, and are a perfect way to spend a fancy night away without breaking the bank. The local B and Bs will be actively hoping to get some extra income, so you can probably even book a honeymoon suite for rock bottom prices. Pack yourself a frisky overnight bag and get ready to have an evening dedicated to just you and your lady. Ice Skating or Skiing If…

Why You Should Moan More

You know what’s sexy? Hot and intimate sex with two responsive partners. Do you know what ISN’T sexy? Leaving your chick to make all the noise while you keep quiet except the occasional “yeah, right there.” Do you think that it takes away from your masculinity to moan a little? Moaning does everything BUT that. If you want a one-way ticket to a night she’ll remember forever, make some noise! No matter what your bros tell you, the whole strong, silent type thing isn’t going to get you anywhere. Let Her Know She’s Doing Great “It is a confidence booster for her” Imagine you’re a girl (bear with me here) and you’re going down on a guy for the first time. You’re down there for a while, and he comes, but he was more or less completely silent the entire time. Chances are you’d assume that you’d done a terrible job, and would feel self-conscious and discouraged. This is exactly how she feels when you don’t make noise when you’re with her! If you want your girl to really respond to you, let her know that you LOVE what she’s doing. Do you want more of that? Tell her! She’ll be happy that you like it enough to ask for…

Why You Should Install a Stripper Pole

“Get one installed in your bedroom” It might seem a little presumptuous, but having a stripper pole installed in your bedroom is nothing but a fantastic idea. Not only is it a great addition to any guy’s sex dungeon, it’s an awesome way to keep in shape. Uh, yeah, that means you pole dance too. Believe it or not, pole dancing is actually becoming a really popular way to stay fit and healthy, even with classes offered at a lot of community centers. On top of it being a fitness tool, a stripper pole can really inspire your girl to let her naughty side come out to play. Where to Get One Most sex shops actually sell stripper poles that you can install in your house. The technologybehind keeping it in place is almost the same as a shower rod in that you can adjust the height to make it fit perfectly and be sturdy. Make sure you don’t buy a cheap one! A pricier pole is worth it for the stability and safety it provides. Sex shops will also sell DVDs instructing you on how to use the pole, so watch it to learn how to work out using this sexy addition to your d

Why You Should Avoid Shopping with a Girl You’re Trying to Stay Casual With

“Avoid going for shopping with a girl” Shopping with a girl is probably right at the top of your list of things you want to avoid ever having to do. If you’re like most other guys out there, you didn’t expect that going shopping with a girlwould be as bad as it is and so you agreed to go with her just once. You probably got stuck carrying the bag from every store she went to and you were probably forced to sit awkwardly outside the changing room to give her opinions on everything she tried on. That’s annoying enough when it’s a serious girlfriend who wants you to do that stuff, but when it’s a girl you’re just seeing as a casual fling or just hooking up with every now and then, it’s the most awful thing ever. You expect that from a girlfriend and when it happened, you probably sat through it because you liked her, but when you’re just sleeping with her there’s no reason to force yourself to sit through all of that. Aside from being incredibly obnoxious, it’s also recommended that you don’t do any kind of shopping with a girl that you’re trying to maintain a casual, no-strings-attached relationship with because it sends her…

Why the Bro Code Doesn’t Apply to Casual Flings

“Bro code not applicable here” You’ve heard of the bro code, right? They’re a set of unwritten rules that all guys and their friends are expected to follow, governing everything from what you’re supposed to prioritize, to whether it’s alright to drink the last beer, down to the fact that you’re not EVER supposed to sleep with your buddy’s ex. Now, we can totally roll with that whole “not sleeping with your friend’s ex” bit. Who wants sloppy seconds from a relationship that probably ended horribly? You don’t want to get involved with an emotional mess your buddy left behind, and you don’t want to invoke his wrath if it was the girl who broke his heart in two. The situation can get really ugly really fast. You’ll find, however, that most guys agree that the bro code doesn’t apply if it’s just a casual fling. When It’s OK There are some stipulations to this, though. We probably don’t have to tell you that if your buddy dated this girl pretty seriously, you shouldn’t try and get with her even for a casual fling. If he was just with her for a day or two though, she’s fair game. Don’t fall into thinking that just because YOU’RE only going to…

When to Call, Text or E-mail: How to Score with the Right Communication Moves

You meet a chick you’re into and you want to contact her. Whether this means you’ve already hooked up, or you’re looking to score for the first time, there’s a way to go about it. This dance is one of the most difficult dilemmas you’ll encounter with women. If you’re too eager, you look desperate. If you don’t make the right type of contact, you get dropped. There’s a good way to decide how and when to contact your lady, and with the technological age we live in, there’s a lot of different options. This is both good and bad, because there’s communication etiquette. You no longer just call her up and have the biggest dilemma be whether to leave a message on the answering machine. Even voicemail is a delicate process (as in never leave one). Here are some of the pitfalls we’ve encountered, and ways to avoid them. Calling Let’s be up front about this right now: this is a LAST ditch option if you’ve just met a girl. It’s a different situation if you know her and have gone out a few times, but if you just met, DO NOT call her. This is overwhelming for her to deal with, and it makes you look way too…

What’s the Fox Say? Some Romantic Phrases

Romantic lines are like a minefield when you’re debating throwing one or two out at your lady. If your relationship is new you really don’t want to make her laugh at you. Most of the relationships that you know that WORK have little things they say or do just with each other. You don’t want to be connected at the hip or a bleeding heart. You also don’t want to be that douche who never says anything nice to his girlfriend. There’s a fine line between saying something so corny that neither of you can bare to repeat it in public nor being that boyfriend that all her friends are jealous of. So what CAN you say? We’ll explain some nuances for you. Keep Her On Your Level One thing that we all are guilty of is saying ?babe? or ?baby? a lot to our ladies. This is not the worst thing that you can do, some chicks love that. Some don’t. Make sure you gauge how she reacts to pet names. The bottom line is that women want to be treated as our equals. So instead of something like ?you’re my princess, I’ll take care of you,? you should say ?I’d go into battle with you anytime.? Remember, a…

What to Wear (and Not Wear) When a Chick Spends the Night

You achieved the number one goal of a night out: you got laid and had amazing sex with a hot babe. Excellent work. But now it’s over, and you’re wondering what to do next. Well, consider your options: is the girl staying over or leaving? This can be a little awkward, although a lot of times, girls will make the decision themselves and split. If she doesn’t, and you’re okay with it (we always are – a little shared warmth in bed can’t hurt), then you’re left with the dilemma of how to approach the rest of the night. Maybe you’re also dealing with a situation where it’s not your first hookup with the chick, and you want to impress her enough to continue a fling. Basically, no matter what the end goal is, you don’t want to make yourself look like an ass. We get it, because we’ve been there. Let us give you a little advice about what has and hasn’t worked for us after the orgasm is over. Pajamas or Au Naturel? If you just had some hot sweaty sex for the first time, it’s probably okay to fall asleep naked, but give yourself the option of extra blankets. Spooning someone in bed can be intimate, and…

What Lies Beneath the Surface: Three Cosmetic Enhancements Girls Use, and How to Spot Them

Women are master illusionists: they can take their worst feature and make themselves look like a supermodel. It’s even more dangerous as they get older, because then they master the technique of hiding flaws. That’s cool – you’re not going to care a lot what a girl looks like underneath the facade if you’re just making out with her at the club – but when everything comes off, you don’t want to be surprised. Know how to spot cosmetic tricks, and be prepared to deal. We don’t think of these as deal breakers, so much as having the full story before making a decision about whether or not to proceed. Push Up Bras As old as time itself: the art of boobs. Girls have been doing things to make their cleavage look different for centuries depending on what was considered hot at the time. They’ve covered them up, made them pointy, made them big, and made them small. The thing is that the girl you’re looking to hook up with has ONE PAIR, and they are going to look ONE WAY when the bra comes off. If you like big tits and you’re not sure if the dark magic of a push up bra is at work, check out her…


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