This Is a Guide for Regular Dudes to Get Casual Sex

Regular guys like you CAN get the best babes in bed. Yes, even if you’re not the hottest guy, not the richest guy, not the youngest guy, or not even the coolest guy. That kind of stuff doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does to getting casual sex!

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered from start to…happy ending.

We’ve been there.

We’ve worked casual hookups for a long time, and we can show you just how to make your sex dating game ROCK. These are advanced tricks, but anyone can pull them off-and we’ll show you EXACTLY what to do so you can be the guy always going home with a different hottie!

These casual sex strategies WORK for us. We’ve spent a long time refining them, but you don’t have to!

Any Dude Can Enjoy Casual Sex, We’re Serious

This isn't rocket science. We'll teach you how to find girls to hook up with NO MATTER WHAT you look like, how old you are, how much money you have, or how inexperienced you are with this kind of thing. Trust us, we know what we're doing.

A Guide to Casual Sex and the Perfect Hookups

We'll show you how to keep your hookups as casual sex partners instead of girlfriends. What's the use of keeping a girl around just for sex? You'll both have more fun this way!

How to Spot Scams And Avoid Them

One of the reasons guys don’t go on sex sites is because they’re worried about getting caught by scams. If that’s you, don’t despair! We’ll teach you all the warning signs so you can get out before the whole thing goes up in a puff of viruses.

Arm Yourself With Strategies For Finding Casual Hookups

Don’t be the guy who’s always worried about where he’s going to get his next lay. We’ll teach you casual sex tactics that will make sure you’re confident about going home with someone every single time.

Divide and Conquer! How to Use Dating Sites

The world of sex dating can be overwhelming at first. We’ll show you how to break it down and learn to work casual sex dating sites to your best advantage from day one.

Make a Persona that Works for Casual Sex Dating

This isn’t Mister Rogers, and “Just be yourself” doesn’t work if you want to hook up with lots of women. We’ll show you how to come across as the kind of guy women will drool over.

Just Because It’s Casual Sex Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Picky

You CAN get the hottest girls to have causal sex with! You don’t have to worry about your casual sex partners all being dogs if you follow our guide to picking the BEST and HOTTEST girls for casual sex!

Watch Your Mouth: How Not To Come Off As Immature

Girls don’t want to hook up with gross teenage boys. We’ll show you how to come across as mature and adult, not a loser with no filter.

Casual Dating Lines that WORK

Some guys will tell you the pickup line is dead. These guys aren’t having all the sex that we’re having! We’ll show you some casual sex dating lines that can really work for YOU.

How to Discuss a Hookup With a Potential Date

Don’t hem and haw around the subject all night, and don’t feel nervous to bring it up—this is why you’re both here! We’ll teach you how to bring up the hookup in a way that feels natural to you and puts her in the mood to say YES!

How to Push for Things In Bed

Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean it has to be boring—and you have the right to have the sex you want to have! This is our guide to helping you get exactly what you’re looking for in bed.

Get What You Want By Looking In the Right Places

The problem you have might not be your own game—it might be with the places you’re looking for hookups! We’ll show you exactly where you SHOULD be going instead of where you ARE going. You be the judge of whether it’s better your way or ours!

Keep It Casual-That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Hook Up More Than Once!

A casual hookup doesn’t have to be a one-time hookup, and a multiple-time hookup doesn’t have to be a girlfriend. We’ll teach you how to walk that fine line and keep it awesome!

This casual sex guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to get laid by a babe TONIGHT. No more wondering if you’re going to be going home alone, no more whining about the fact that you wish you had a girlfriend just so someone would be around.

These tricks WILL get you the sex you want. We’re not talking about stuff that worked only once or twice. These are tried and true methods that we use ourselves, and we feel confident enough in them to share them with the world. You know they’re real, because we use them ourselves to get laid-and we get laid a LOT.

We wouldn’t put them out there if they didn’t work.

Stop stressing, stop pretending you want a girlfriend when all you want is SEX, and stop thinking you can’t have the success you want without compromising on your goals.

We’ve already done all the work for you, so what are you waiting for? Get educated by reading our guides, and start getting laid now


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