Casual Dating Lines that WORK

A lot of guys think that it’s really hard to talk to babes. We’re here to tell you that you’re making one mistake, and only one.

You’re trying to understand them.

Women are really very simple-they’re exactly like men. The problem is, they hide their REASONS for doing stuff sometimes, so it makes it hard to see what they’re talking about and what they want, right?

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Wrong. Very wrong.

If you know what you’re doing when it comes to women, women are not difficult to talk to. Seriously, once you know how to talk to women, it’s really easy to make sure you’re always saying the right thing.

Yes, this is true during sex, too! You can be the guy who ALWAYS knows how to talk about sex, and how to make sure she’s getting the most out of every conversation.

There’s really only one secret, and it’s an obvious one. You don’t need to understand a woman to say what will get you what you want the fastest. You just need to do one thing.


Couple About to Get it On


It’s not rocket science. Just say what a girl wants to hear, and she’ll think you’re the best, most understanding man in the world.

Look, this doesn’t work for long-term relationships unless you’re at level 99 with all of your achievements unlocked. If you’re planning to be with a woman for a long time, you’re GOING to have to learn how she’s feeling, how she talks about important things, and what she means by pretty much anything she’s going to say on a daily basis.

You’re not here forever. You’re here for tonight.

You aren’t looking for the key to her heart, right? If that’s what you were here for, we’d probably say you were on the wrong websites. There are no keys to a woman’s heart here, and the women you’re going to be going after don’t WANT to be unlocked.

These women are here for JUST SEX, the same as you are. The thing is, a lot of them aren’t any good at talking either, so it’s a huge relief when they can find a man to lead the way!

You have to be slightly careful, sure. But in the end, the easiest thing you can do is just try your best to give her what she wants by saying what she wants to hear. It’s not brain surgery, Einstein.

Figure out what kind of chick she is.

You should at least be able to do this by the time you meet a girl in person, because by seeing her profile and talking to her for at least a few messages, she’ll probably have told you some things about herself. You should also have been able to figure a few things out by then.

For example, is she a really nurturing type? Does she work with children, or with people that can’t take care of themselves?

Chances are, she might have some mothering instincts. If she starts trying to take care of you, don’t push her away. She’ll be a lot happier if you just let her fuss over you.

Is she a kind of withdrawn girl in person, and has said that she’s not really a take-charge kind of person?

This is a pretty clear hint that she wants you to take control. You can feel free to be a little more aggressive here, as long as you know to pull back if she doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it.

That’s a big part of learning how to talk about sex-you have to listen more than you have to understand. If you can listen and make sure you’re coming across the way you think you are, you’ll be much more likely to make a good show of yourself.

One of our more surprising casual dating tactics is that we actually ENCOURAGE guys to use cheesy pickup lines!

Here’s the thing about pickup lines: they’re awful. Everyone knows they’re awful. They’re not smart, they’re overdone, and every woman has heard them a thousand times before.

Use them anyway.

They’re cheesy fun, and women think it’s cute. Just don’t take it seriously! Laugh at the bad joke, and don’t feel hurt if she tells you it’s just about the worst joke she’s ever heard. It is. That’s a good thing.


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