Any Dude Can Enjoy Casual Sex, We’re Serious

We’re not joking when we say that ANY guy can enjoy casual sex. Yeah, all the movies seem to think that it’s only the young and extremely attractive guys that get to hook up with women, but we’ve found differently.

Physical appearance is not the biggest factor in whether you can hook up or not.

In fact, what we’ve found is the biggest factor doesn’t have much to do with you at all. You might be surprised, but we analyzed our results, and despite being five different dudes who all look very different (some are hotter, some are Jensen), we all had pretty much the same results.

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So, what’s this ultimate secret we have that makes women throw themselves at us, even the ones who look like Jensen? Actually, the answer we’ve come up with is pretty simple.

The right sex site counts.

Man About to put the Choke Hold on his Woman


The only thing that matters is being on the right site for casual sex dating. Seriously, that’s the ONLY thing that matters.

If you’re on the right site, you WILL get laid, as long as you follow our guidelines about how to behave when you’re on sex sites. We can guarantee that, because all of these tips have worked for us!

We’re not getting paid.

A lot of review sites will offer glowing reviews-so glowing that you might even suspect they were PAID to review those sites!

Unfortunately, that’s probably the case. Very few site reviews are done for free, because no one really wants to put al that effort into reviewing so many sex sites for free. At least, no one seems to want to put in all that effort except us, apparently!

You can usually tell pretty easily when a site is just in it for the money. For one thing, they’ll usually ONLY have reviews up of their patron website. They’ll probably only have good things to say, and the site won’t be interested in putting up real, honest critique of the good things and bad things about the site they’re reviewing.

Also, it will be PACKED with certain words and phrases, so it’ll look something like this in the beginning:

“I heard about scams and wanted to see for myself if is a scam because I was wondering is a scam? But fortunately it turns out that IS NOT A SCAM because I had lots of sex on works and it is a good site so you should use that’s just my personal opinion.”

If you’ve ever read a review like this, and we’re guessing you have, you know just how fake they look. Surprise, you’re right! They’re fake.

So, if we’re not doing this for the money, why are we doing it? After all, this is a lot of work to put in just for love of reviewing sites, and it’s cost us a lot of money to try these out.

We’re doing it for the ladies.

When more guys know how to use dating sites better, the quality of the dating sites go up. When the quality of dating sites goes up, more women join and have a good time. When women have a good time, they tell their friends, and their friends sign up and sleep with us.

See, everyone wins!

The sites we recommend are the sites we use.

We wouldn’t tell you about a dud. We only recommend the sites WE like in the top 5 list, and those are the sites that we personally use whenever we’re in the mood to get laid.

The women we meet on these sites aren’t in a mood for romance. They’re in a mood to hook up, they’re in a mood to party, and they’re not in a mood to cry on anyone’s shoulder about something that happened ten years ago. They’re here for exactly what we’re here for: sex.

Women need to get down sometimes, too.

We might think that it’s only men who like getting laid, but that’s just not true. Women have just as much need to hook up as men do, but are often told that they’re sluts or “too wild” if they go after it.

Casual sex sites provide women that opportunity.

If you hook up with a girl on a casual sex site, she wants the same thing you do…and you can both get it. This is the best way to get all the sex you want!


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#1 Site: SocialSex
#2 Site: Xpress
#3 Site: AdultFriendFinder
#4 Site: xHookups
#5 Site: EroticAds


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