Keep It Casual-That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Hook Up More Than Once!

You’re NOT on a casual sex site because you’re looking for love.

If you are, you’re wasting your time and your money. Seriously, we really doubt you’ve gotten this far into our guide if you still think you’re looking for love, and that being on a site like this is going to help you find it.

Don’t pretend you’re looking for something you’re not.

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That applies even when it’s time to work out a friends with benefits situation. If you’re going to hook up with a girl more than once, you HAVE to stay clear on exactly what it is you’re both hoping to get from the arrangement, or you’ll crash and burn.

Fortunately, the girl you’re hooking up with isn’t looking for love, either! If she were, SHE wouldn’t be on a site for casual sex dating, so you know that you’re at least on the same page.

A great thing about starting a relationship with all benefits and less friends is that you don’t have to worry about the relationship you already had (friends) getting in the way of the one you have now (benefits). You can just hang out with this girl whenever you want, just for sex, and neither of you are going to think it’s weird or disgusting.

Casual sex is FUN.

Casual Older Man Sex


If you’re having fun messing around with a girl, there’s no reason not to do it more than once. You can find that there’s frequently a lot of things girls will do the second or third time in bed with a guy that they’d NEVER do the first time, so don’t lose her number if she was great in the sack!

Make sure to keep things fun between both of you. Just because you had fun once doesn’t mean you can slack off in bed now. If anything, she’ll be expecting you to rock her world again, because you did it so well the first time that she came back for more.

There is a danger.

Like in every dumb movie or TV show plot ever made about casual hookups, there’s always the danger that one of you will start taking the “relationship” more clearly than the other.


First of all, that’s lame. Second of all, that’s REALLY lame, and you’re going to make this girl uncomfortable to even be around you, let alone hook up with you ever again.

Don’t be the one who gets overly attached, because that’s basically the first and only rule of long-term hookup dating (which needs a better name than friends with benefits-we’re not friends with any of these girls). You have to know how to keep your cool.

If she starts getting clingy, cut her loose.

You don’t want a casual hookup that can’t stay casual. You want a girl who’s going to be thrilled to have a booty call on hand for whenever she’s feeling horny, and not be bothered by a relationship when she’s either too busy for one or just not in the right place in her life for one right now.

You DON’T want to keep hooking up with a girl that sees this as the beginning of something!

If she starts planning out future dates, or making them sound more involved, or asking you to do non-sex things with her, you MUST get rid of her immediately. Just cut her loose. The sex can’t be that good. It’s definitely not good enough to warrant sleeping with her again, we promise.

Not only should you cut her loose, you should immediately BLOCK her from all your casual sex sites. This is a girl who will bother you again if you don’t, and you don’t want to get to the point where you dread signing on to a site that you liked before.

Casual hookups need to stay casual.

Don’t listen to the movies and whatever when they tell you that someone always makes it weird. In our opinion, it’s a lot more likely that everyone gets what they want, so don’t be the guy who ruins that streak. Don’t be the guy that makes it weird.

The BEST part about casual sex dating is that you can always get exactly what you want, and you don’t have to worry about pretending to be something you’re not.

Don’t pretend you’re looking for something deeper than just casual sex on these sites.

Girls can see through it. Girls you sleep with can see through it. Chances are, girls don’t even want that. Keep it casual, always.


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