Get What You Want By Looking In the Right Places

You’re JUST looking for casual sex. However, some of the websites ew’ve tried out, even sites on our Top 5 List, are actually dating sites that also support people who are looking for casual sex. So how are you supposed to find a girl that wants what you want?

Be forward.

You’ll gain nothing by being meek. You want to be the guy who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. You want to be the guy who GETS what he wants, and that’s not easy to do when you try to play both sides of the argument.

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You don’t need to play both sides of the argument here. That’s something women do sometimes. They’ll say, “I’m looking for dating or maybe something more casual,” either because they really want casual sex but don’t want to sound like a slut, or because they really want a date and don’t want to sound like a prude.

Say what you want.

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When you’re going out with a girl, don’t be afraid to tell her exactly what you want in a casual hookup. This is casual for a reason. If she doesn’t like it, she can either tell you “No,” or she can agree to try it for a night, even if it’s not her usual style.

The casualness of it helps you both. You can both know that you’re getting what you want, because why else would you decide to spend the time together, even if it’s just a night?

Be up front.

Seriously. We know it sounds rude, but very simply stating to a girl what you’re looking for in the night ahead works wonders. You’d be surprised how many girls we’ve heard from that have told us, “I’m always worried I’m not doing what he wants, so it’s such a relief to know for sure that I’m doing the right thing in bed with you!”

This doesn’t mean you have to be a forceful asshole, just confident and secure in the knowledge of what is important to you to get out of the time you spend with her.

She will probably like it.

Women are just as needy for sex as guys are-but they don’t want to admit it! They think that guys will call them sluts and whores if they say they really need to get a man into their lives tonight.

(Speaking as a group of guys who LIKES getting laid, never refer to women who sleep around as sluts or whores where women can hear. We want them to like hooking up with us! Less shyness is a good thing!)

Women need sex-and they need it now!

Saying that you’re here for sex is going to be a huge relief to a lot of women. They want to know that they’re going into this with the same expectations that you have.

Women can sometimes feel emotionally vulnerable about sex. If they know for a fact it’s not going anywhere other than a single night’s hotel room stay, they’re a lot less likely to get shy and embarrassed, and a lot more likely to let their wild side out.

You’re not running for office.

There’s no need to be diplomatic here, and there’s no need to try and please everyone. You’re a busy guy, and you have needs. There’s no shame in wanting to have sex with a woman. There’s no shame in wanting to have ONLY sex with a woman.

The only shame is in leading a girl on by mistake because you’re just trying to get into her pants-because that’s going to backfire on you.

Be clear on your expectations.

We’ve all gone out with that girl that SAYS she wants a hookup date, but gets really shy about the subject once she’s actually on one. Maybe she’s texting friends, or maybe she says things a lot like, “IF this goes well, MAYBE we could go back to a hotel later…”

You don’t need to deal with that the whole night, not if she’s just playing around with you like a cat with a mouse toy.

You can say very simply that you’re looking for sex tonight, and that you’re looking for sex with a particular kind of kink if you’ve discussed it beforehand online.

If she doesn’t bite, you have other sources for casual sex. Move on, and don’t worry about the one that got away.


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