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AdultFriendFinders lives up to its name by making it to the #3 spot on our list of the best dating sites. This site gave us great results, with over 400 women replying to our first e-mail. is the oldest, biggest, most widespread adult sex site on the planet, and there’s a REASON that you’ve heard of it, even if you haven’t ever heard of another site on our list.

This is the site that brought the idea of casual sex dating to the average guy. This is the site that made people think it was totally cool to find random people to have sex with, and made them start doing it.

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This is the site, in other words, that pretty much started it all.

We love It’s had a sexy makeover in recent years, which brought it back to the best version of itself it could possibly be. No, it’s not quite as new or sleek or nice as or, but it still gets the job done!

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So, let’s take a look at why we love casual dating on, and why you should too!

We’d like to compare to a supermarket, if and are the trendy boutique stores.

Sure, the little boutique stores always have the best quality of goods. Sure, they’re convenient, they have better lighting, and they’re run by attentive people who always make sure you have the absolute best experience in your times of shopping.

But the supermarket has EVERYTHING. is like that supermarket. It might not be the MOST sleek or nice-looking, but it has every feature you’ve ever wanted from an adult website, and probably a lot more you’ve never thought of. It might not have the absolute HOTTEST girls ready to sleep with you, but it has girls that are into just about any fetish you can name, and then some.

What you want, you can probably find on We’ve never had an issue with it!

Our Excellent Results After 4 months Of Using Is Worth It? TOTALLY.

During our AdultFriendFinder review, we sent out 600 emails, one email to a different woman every day for a period of four months. Each of us guys did this, for a total of 600 emails.

Then, we tabulated how many responses we got total, and were pleasantly surprised at how many we got!

While it wasn’t the 498 we got on, we’re still pleased with the 422 emails we managed on That’s a great percentage, and as soon as we saw that they were from real women and not spambots, we knew we were going to get laid.

We were right! We got laid 14 times with women we found on That’s out of the 20 dates we wound up going on, which isn’t bad at all! The Best 3 Messages We Sent That Scored Us The Most Lays

Email 1: “Hi, Beatrice. I love the fact that you ride rescue horses, but I have to say…I hope that crop isn’t for the animals. I can think of much better uses for it. Are you always so aggressive, or am I just lucky to see you in this light?”

Email 2: “Hi, Kimberly. I’m amazed that a girl like you would be on a site like this-you just seem to light up the page around you. I can only imagine that you’d be like that in person. If you drop by the bar on 20th this Friday night, I’ll be sure to wear sunglasses.”

The Things We Loved About

When we say that this site has everything you could possibly need, we’re not joking. This site has every feature that has ever existed. If you’re looking for a way to video chat, it’s here. If’ you’re looking for chat rooms, video, games, stories, or just about ANYTHING related to casual dating, you’ll find it on

We also loved the sheer AMOUNT of women that were on this website. There wasn’t any worry about running out of things to say, or worse, running out of women to talk to. No matter when you sign on, there’s always going to be someone that’s online and waiting to talk to you, which is a huge comfort when you aren’t usually online during the regularly active periods of the day (some of us have jobs with weird schedules). Casual Dating Strategies Revealed: How To Stand Out From The Pack On

One of the easiest ways to get ahead on is simply to update your profile every day.

This is SO important on a website like This site moves at the speed of light! There are new people signing on for the first time every minute-we’re serious when we say there are TENS OF MILLIONS of people online on

If you update your profile or your pictures every day, you’ll stay on top even if more guys sign on in your area. This might not sound like a huge advantage, but if you ever want a woman to contact you first instead of waiting for your email, this is the way to do it.

…And The (Admittedly Few) Things We Didn’t Love About

Remember how we said that has all the features you could possibly need?

Sometimes, that gets in the way of actually using the site, believe it or not. There’s just so much to do and see that you can’t really do or see it all, and unless you have hours to spend every day, there’s no way you’ll get your full money’s worth.

Also, there are several inactive profiles. It’s only to be expected from a site that’s been around this long, but still disappointing to see someone hot and find out they haven’t been online for three years.

Our Final Review Verdict On Is This The Best Site For Finding Casual Sex Online?

We had a ball on We’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to try a new casual dating site.

However, we wouldn’t recommend that you let this be your ONLY casual dating site. It’s a great backup, but not the best Number One in the world. That honor would have to go to

50 Responses to “In Our Opinion: Why Was Reviewed At #3 For Casual Sex Dating”

  1. adult friend finder is one heck of a site. that’s why i had to leave a review! there’s a reason why it’s been around for so long, it really knows how to do it right

  2. few sites can even think of coming close in comparison to this one. it just makes everything work and it does it right. i will definitely be back here

  3. Frozen Vulture

    not a scam at all. i think this site has some flaws and it’s not perfect but what site is these days. it just does a good job overall

  4. i think that adult friend finder is legit but it’s just so packed full of people that i can’t really use it the way i’d like to. hopefully i will get used to it in the future

  5. Tidy Ugly Prophet

    nothing can be said about this site that isnt good. it really does it for me and i will always be back to use it whenever i need to meet someone new in my life!

  6. when i gave adult friend finder a test run i was really impressed. i’m not sure this site will ever be surpassed in my eyes, it’s awesome!

  7. only rating i can give this site is a great one. it does an awesome job and i’m really impressed by it. don’t pass this one over at all!

  8. Ruthless Stud

    for casual dating i think that this site does an ok job. the women are hot and they’re easy to talk to. it just can take a bit with all the competition!

  9. i’ve used so many dating sites and adult friend finder seems like just like all the others. that being said i do like it well enough it’s just kind of slow

  10. Brutal Francois Ravenbeard

    sites like this are usually pretty hit and miss but i’ve had nothing but hits on this site. i will DEFINITELY be back to use it again, it’s worth it!

  11. only review i can give to adult friend finder is a great one! this site really does it for me and helps me meet all the hottest ladies. hats off!

  12. few sites have any kind of comparison to this one. it just does everything that i want it to and more! i will definitely be back to use this site again

  13. Wooden Rat

    it’s not a scam that’s for sure. while this site does have its problems i’m really unfazed by them and will be back to use it again in the near future

  14. i’m sure that adult friend finder is legit but i’m just not impressed by it. i think that it doesn’t really live up to the hype so i’m not sure if i’ll use it again

  15. Bella Darkblood

    this is a pretty good site and one that i will use again in the future. i’m happy that it exists and i’m happy that i managed to get laid because of it.

  16. there’s a REASON why adult friend finder has been around for so long! i was happy to test it out and find out that it really is worth the cash!

  17. don’t bother with any other site. there’s a reason why it gets such a high rating from me. this site just really works and i’m sooo happy with it!

  18. Southern Gangster

    for casual dating, this is a great site. that being said it can be slow to get started so keep that in mind when you are using it and trying to get laid

  19. Florentino

    used a lot of dating sites and adult friend finder didn’t really rock my world. it’s ok but it just seems like every other site out there so whatever

  20. Tiny Monkey

    using sites like this can be a crapshoot. fortunately this one just did a great job right off the bat and i couldn’t be happier. i’ll be back again!

  21. hard to find any site that makes me so happy to review it. adult friend finder is awesome and FULL of hot ladies. i can’t wait to keep using it!

  22. don’t pass this site up. there is no other site that comes close in comparison to it, it’s really awesome and definitely worth every penny! i highly recommend this site!

  23. The Harmony

    definitely not a scam. it has its issue but it isn’t a scam, it’s just kind of slow to get going at first but it’s still definitely worth the money in a lot of ways

  24. while i am sure that adult friend finder is legit, it just doesn’t help me meet that many women. i’m a little disappointed in that regard and i will have to keep at it

  25. Lama Crisp

    THIS IS A REALLY GOOD SITE. i will definitely be back to use it again in the future, the ladies i have talked to on here so far are a lot of fun

  26. hard to pass up a site like this after doing such a great test run of it. adult friend finder is a site i will definitely keep coming back to!

  27. hard not to give this site a great rating. it’s just awesome and so are the ladies on it. i will definitely be back to this site again in the future!

  28. for casual dating there is nOTHING wrong with this site. it’s if you start taking it too seriously that it becomes a little eh for me. oh well still a good site

  29. not sure about adult friend finder as a great dating site. i guess it’s ok it just hasn’t worked that well for me and i’m not sure if i will keep using it

  30. Charlotte Ruthless Sangre

    used a lot of sites like this but this one just takes it and runs with it. i’m really happy with this site and i will definitely be back to sign up for more time

  31. it’s hard to think of anything but good things to say in this review. i love adult friend finder! the women i’ve met on this site are just better!

  32. can’t even think of a single comparison to this site. it rocks it out. the ladies on here are a blast to chat with and i can’t wait to meet them in person

  33. Grotesque Infant

    while i don’t think this is a scam i think there are still some improvements that could be made. overall though this is still a good solid site that i will be back to

  34. this site is legit but adult friend finder really needs to purge a lot of their inactive members. other than that i guess it’s ok i’m just not wowed by it

  35. Reborn Gloomy Lama

    it’s a good site for sure! i have NO issues with it at all and i will always come back to this one to use it because it’s just consistently easier

  36. adult friend finder was just supposed to be a test run but i absolutely loved it. the ladies on here are better than anywhere else, no doubt about it!

  37. the only rating i can give this site is an A+. it just rocks out really well and is fuuuull of hot chicks. not ever going to pass this one up ever again!

  38. Billy Darkblade

    i’ve used a lot of sites for casual dating and this one is just ok. it has a lot of fun features but sometimes it’s a little too competitive for my tastes

  39. i think as a dating site adult friend finder is kind of overhyped. it’s good but not that good. it basically seems the same as every other site to me

  40. Otter Tainted

    using sites like this is always something of a hit and miss game but this one just hits every mark for me. i will never use another site again!

  41. the only review i can hand out to adult friend finder is a great one. this site does it all and i will never use another site again. seriously don’t pass this one up

  42. for comparison every other site has been so slow about getting me laid. this one got it in a week. i was so thrilled that i immediately signed up for more!

  43. not a scam at all and i do enjoy this site. it has a few flaws but what site doesn’t these days, mostly it just needs a good clean up but it’s still good

  44. while i think that adult friend finder is legit it’s just not the best site out there that everyone makes it out to be. it just moves so slowly for me!

  45. Slimy Cockroach

    a good site and one that takes care of its customers. you will get laid on here so don’t just toss it aside. there’s a reason it’s around still!

  46. i just did a test run of adult friend finder and was incredibly impressed. don’t look this site over, you will get laid on here and it’s well worth it

  47. of all the ratings i can give this site this one gets a 10 out of 10. it really deserves it because you get exactly what you are paying for, a chance to get laid!

  48. Forgotten White Sound

    casual dating is something this site is ok and i will probably be back to use it again. there are a lot of hot ladies on here, it just can move slowly

  49. having used so many dating sites i wasn’t that impressed with adult friend finder. it’s good but just seems like every other site to me so far

  50. sites like this can be kind of eh but this one has a lot of oomph to it. i will definitely be back to use this site again and meet even more women!


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