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We are cool with being naughty, but BeNaughty only taught us that not all dating websites end in dates. A terrible experience and waste of time. isn’t only the worst website we’ve ever been on as far as concept and design go, it’s pretty much the worst IDEA for a website we’ve ever seen-and we stand by that, even though we have no idea what they were actually going for.

Every once in a while, a website shows up that actually makes you just scratch your head. is one of those. We’re really not sure what they were going for, but we’ll go out on a limb and say that their target PROBABLY wasn’t what they ended up with.

dating site scam alert image

Let’s take a look at this thoroughly strange website and why we don’t recommend it to anyone.

When you go to the home page of, you might think we’re overreacting.

Sure, the site looks like crap, but most bad sites look like crap. This one isn’t all that different. It’s just slightly discolored and obviously broken from the way the text cuts off at the bottom of the screen, right?

So, so wrong.

When you get inside the paid part of the site, you’ll start to realize that there’s something weird and wrong with it. The colors are different, everything has an oddly rounded edge to it, none of the buttons or links work the way they’re supposed to, and you have notifications EVERYWHERE.

benaughty screen shot home page

This site does a better job at getting us computer viruses than hookups! Don’t bother with casual dating sites like this, and check out only the best.

Not only is this the case, but you start getting messages that just don’t make a lot of sense.

You start to wonder, “Who the hell was this website made for?” It isn’t made for men-the color scheme says that right away.

It isn’t made for women-the fact that there are no women and that there are pictures of boobs everywhere makes that pretty obvious.

So who is it made for? We have no idea. We just know that whatever they were aiming for, they missed the mark, and HARD.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

During our BeNaughty review, we sent out 600 emails. We had to stare and scrape and widen our search radius to about 100 miles in some cases-even though we ALL live in major metropolitan areas.

This is because, as previously mentioned there are just NO women on The whole site is a total scam, and there aren’t any women who want to be part of a site this bad.

We only got FOUR emails back, out of the 600 we sent. Usually we’d say that’s a disappointing number, but we didn’t expect anything more from a site as weird as

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

If you (mistakenly, because why would you do this on purpose) join, expect to hear these words a lot:

  • Steamy
  • Flirty
  • Playful
  • Naughty

They are the only adjectives allowed on You will get messages from spambots saying, “Im a steamy girl. U a steamy guy lets have flirty steamy chat,” and “hi tonite im feeling playful and naughty will u be steamy with me in a naughty chat”

It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s weird and creepy.

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

Don’t EVER give any money to the people that run This steamy pile of crap doesn’t deserve that much attention, and you shouldn’t have to suffer through this. YOU don’t have to write a BeNaughty review! At least we have GOOD sex sites to make us feel better after a day like this, like

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. nothing about be naughty makes me want to come back. that’s why i have to leave a review, it’s just a bad site overall and not worth your time or money

  2. hard to think of a single comparison to this site because it’s just SO bad. i can’t believe anyone would want to use this site so i wont’ use it anymore either

  3. Emerald Serious

    definitely just a scam. this site has nothing going for it and i’m not impressed by it at all. the only one thing i can think of is some of the fake pics are hot lol

  4. be naughty is a site that i was wondering if it was legit for awhile. i hope that it is but i’m still not sure. the women are hot but they wont talk to me

  5. Strong Titan

    nothing good to say about this site. i won’t be back here because of all the fake profiles that are sO OBVIOUS running around on this site. just pass it over and move on to something else

  6. did a test run of be naughty and wasn’t happy. it was a waste of my time but at least i didn’t spend any money yet, this site definitely isn’t worth it

  7. only rating i can give for this site is a really bad one. it doesn’t work at all and it isn’t a site that i think i will ever want to return to because it’s just awful

  8. Heavy Angry Sun

    bad for casual dating and to be honest bad at most everything. i can’t believe this site is still up and running, i wish i could just tear it down

  9. i’ve used a lot of sites for dating and be naughty is just kind of eh. i wish that it was more interesting but i just can’t get many women to chat

  10. Brave Maximum Squirrel

    sites like this are pretty hit and miss. this one unfortunately is a total miss on my end. i won’t be back to use this site again in the future at all that’s for sure

  11. only thing i can say about this site is that it REALLY isn’t good. you’d be better of spending your money on almost any other site than be naughty.

  12. you won’t get laid on here. there’s no comparison to how bad that is! the only women on this site are definitely fake ones and scammers in general

  13. Aberrant Electron

    this site is just one big scam and it isn’t afraid of letting you know lol. at least some of the profile pics in fake profiles are hot but that’s the only ‘good’ thing

  14. i’m not sure if be naughty is legit or not. i hope that it is because there are a lOT of gorgeous women that i’d like to chat with but they won’t talk to me thus far

  15. Hideous Breeze

    this isn’t a good site at all and it doesn’t try to be. nothing to be surprised about here; just pass this one over and spend your money somewhere else

  16. this site is a test of your patience more than anything else. be naughty isn’t a good site and it never will be so just move on from this

  17. 0 out of 10 rating for me. i can’t stand this site. you won’t get laid so it’s just lying about how easy it is to get it on with this website’s help!

  18. Crisp Buffalo

    not good for casual dating or anything else at all really. this site just won’t get you laid and so it’s really disappointing to even try on here

  19. Jonathan

    not sure about be naughty and being a good dating site. i think there are certain things about it that have potential but it hasn’t really shown itself off yet

  20. Hidden Doe

    sites like this are usually pretty awful and this one is no exception to that rule. i won’t be back to try this one out in the future, it’s just bad

  21. not much to say about this site in this review to be honest. be naughty is just a dead site, fakes abounding and lots of inactive profiles in general

  22. hard to think of a comparison to this site when it’s just a giant load of crap. first of all you won’t get laid. you’ll be lucky if you come out of here without spam and scams!

  23. Indigo Torpedo

    just another scam site for sure. you won’t find any women to sleep with on here, just a lot of fake scammer profiles. at least they make it obvious

  24. only thing about be naughty that worries me is that it’s hard to tell if a girl is legit on here or not. i think it could be a good site but it really needs cleanup

  25. Los Jackal

    nothing good about this site at all. i definitely won’t be back. there’s nothing on it that attracts me and no one on it to hop in the sack with either

  26. this site was supposed to be a test run but i’m so fed up with be naughty already that i definitely won’t continue it. just pass on this one

  27. nothing but a bad rating from me for this site. i can’t believe anyone finds this site enjoyable. it’s just FULL of fake profiles from head to toe

  28. Eternal Ox

    casual dating more like obnoxious dating. there arent any real women on this site just fakes and its very annoying attempting to weed through them

  29. in general i don’t think benaughty makes the best dating website which is annoying. it’s just kind of flopping on all regards for me, not sure if i’ll be back

  30. Stony Llama

    sites like this usually are pretty crappy. i won’t be back to this one for that very reason, it’s just full of fakes and nothing good goes on here


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