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This seems like a total scam. CasualClick sounds good, but there's hardly any girls on this site!

Let’s start this off with a warning: everything you read on is a LIE.

Seriously, there’s nothing trustworthy about this website. It lies about how many members it has, it lies about its success, and weirdly enough, it even lies about what it’s for.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Let’s take a look at our actual information, and see why we think you shouldn’t trust ANYTHING it says on

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For one thing, doesn’t seem to know its audience at all.

You know the testimonials on dating websites, where it says things like, “I just wanted to find someone fun, and now I have! Thanks, Website!”

Well, on, the obviously fake models are all talking about things that makes us think it’s PROBABLY just copied and pasted from another website’s design.

They’re ALL saying things like, “I wanted to meet someone special on Now, I’ve found the man I want to be with for the rest of my life!”

casualclick homescreen shot

Uh, is it just us, or does that not sound casual at all? We looked at ALL the testimonials pages, and not one of them mentioned the fact that this was a casual dating website at all. It pretty much just seems like they took all the reviews from another dating site and slapped “” on there for this one.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

One of the worst things about is the actual act of signing up for the website. It takes forever! First, you have to go through a long and complicated sign-up process, during which you have to fill out a questionnaire with all kinds of bizarre questions.

After that, putting in your credit card information is ABSURDLY long, and the site was pretty much fighting us the whole time. We were struggling to give them money!

Anyway, eventually we managed to send out our emails. We sent 600 emails to different women over the course of four months. That might seem like a lot, but we only got back 83 emails from them!

They were all spambots, for the most part. Occasionally we’d get a real girl, but it was obvious that this site was LOADED with fake profiles sending out fake, spammy emails.

We set up ONE date, and the girl didn’t even show. It was a fake date, as fake as anything else on this stupid, useless website.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

If we wanted to date a fake girl, we could get a Real Doll for a lot cheaper than all the money we spent on

That’s about as much action as we got on this stupid website. Nothing is worth going on, and you’ll have to wrestle with the fake girls and fake site and gross fake everything if you want to get anywhere-not that there’s really anywhere to go.

Come to think of it, that Real Doll idea is sounding better and better…think we could write it off on taxes?

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

There’s no reason to go on This site is a total sham, and it’s only good for taking your money and making you feel like the loser who fell for an obviously fake website. Believe us, it WILL make you feel like a loser, which is good, because it’ll teach you to stay away from bad, fake websites like this when we say they’re no good.

If you want to see a GOOD website instead for comparison, check out That’s a place where you can actually get laid instead of getting angry.

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. yet another crappy dating site. casual click is just a big scam, there’s NO active members on this site, thus why i had to leave a review to let you know

  2. hard to find a comparison to a site that’s this bad to be honest. it doesn’t have any active people on it and it’s just a waste of your time

  3. this site is just another scam. don’t even bother with it; they’re stupidly obvious about it with all the fake and inactive profiles i’ve seen on it so far

  4. can’t be sure if casual click is legit or not. it seems like it could be a fun site but it just doesn’t really work for me thus far. i’ll keep trying though

  5. i think this site could be good but it just ISN’T. there aren’t any active members that are around to really talk so so how are you supposed to end up getting LAID

  6. i just wanted to do a test run of this site and ended up really disappointed. casual click doesn’t offer me anything new and it’s just a big mess

  7. only rating this one gets from me is an F. it’s not good, the people on it are really inactive, and it’s just full of scambots that have taken over

  8. can’t even think to use this for casual dating if you can’t even talk to anyone on this site. it’s a big mess…skip out on this one if you want to save time

  9. Roosevelt

    for dating i am thinking that casual click will be ok but i’m not sure yet. the women on here have yet to really replied to any of my messages which is frustrating

  10. Bloody George Sangre

    i’m rarely impressed by sites like this and this one seems to be no exception to the rule. just don’t bother with this one and try and use another site instead

  11. when i did a review of this site i automatically knew it would be bad. casual click is full of inactive members and you definitely won’t get laid here

  12. in comparison to any other site this one just flops. i can’t get any of the ladies on here to talk to met let alone go out with me so what even is the point

  13. Hungry Serious Titan

    just another big scam. they don’t even try and for that reason i think i’m just going to have to toss this one aside and try another site in the future

  14. i’m still wondering if casual click is legit. the ladies look hot but getting them to reply to messages seems like an act of congress. guess i’ll hang out and see

  15. Brutal Francois Ravenbeard

    not really good at all. this site has a lot of issues and it doesn’t seem to make any attempt to fix them. we’ll see if i stick around long enough

  16. there’s nothing good to say about casual click. even after doing a test run there’s just nothing going on with this site and so i definitely will not be back for it

  17. only rating i can give this one is a 0 out of 10. it does NOT work for me. there are nothing but fakes floating around on here so what’s the point

  18. Boiling Slimy Dingo

    not even going to bother with this site anymore especially not for casual dating. it’s supposed to be low pressure and stress free but this site isn’t

  19. i’ve used a lot of dating sites and casual click seems good but it just hasn’t proven itself to be as of yet. i hope that changes in the future

  20. Intense Shining Bear

    sites like this are usually pretty much a miss and this one is no different. don’t even bother with it, the women on here will not get you laid

  21. nothing good to review about casual click. this site is just a pit of inactivity, you are literally throwing your money away so don’t use this site

  22. in comparison to this site there isn’t anything that could possibly be worse. i’m just not impressed by it at all, the women on here are NOT real

  23. Jack Scurvy Shelley

    it’s just definitely a big scam and they don’t want to do anything to fix it. so just take your business elsehwere and get laid on a site that will actually work lmfao

  24. i think that this site has potential but i’m still not entirely convinced that everything on casual click is legit. i wish it would be but so far it just hasn’t proven itself

  25. Forsaken Duck

    not much about this site is good at all. i won’t be back to use it again after realizing exactly how many fakes are up and about on this site overall

  26. only test run i did of casual click was a really boring one and i was not interested in coming back for more of the same. it’s very inactive and lame!

  27. this site just gets an F rating from me. don’t even bother with it, you won’t get laid on here because there are just so many fakes cluttering it up

  28. Unique Girl

    i’ve used many different casual dating sites and this one just didn’t thrill me. i think that at least the profiles are hot but that’s all it has going for it

  29. not sure about casual click for dating. i think it has some potential but it just doesn’t work for me overall as of yet though i am hoping that will change

  30. El Serpent

    when i see sites like this i am rarely impressed and this is just no exception. i don’t think i’ll be returning to this site in the future becuase it’s so slow


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