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We can only wish we hadn't even bothered filling out a profile. This site is a total scam and makes promises that never happen. is a good website for people who have given up on life, dating, and fun, and are just waiting on a slow death.

That might seem kind of harsh, until you try actually using This is not a good website. This is not an okay website. This is a website that NO ONE should be using, no matter what.

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So, is our review biased? What do we hate so much about what’s surely a harmless website?

Let’s take a closer look at why we would sooner recommend you set yourself on fire than become a paying member of a site as utterly terrible as

When you first click on, maybe because you’re curious, maybe because someone recommended it to you as a terrible prank, it’s okay to be taken aback. We sure were.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cold, dead eyes of the women staring out at you from the page. These women are not right in the head. They are not looking properly at the camera. They look creepy, and they look like they’re all standing clustered together for no reason, staring hatefully at the cameraman until he feeds them souls or something.

homepage shot for casualdating

The next thing you might notice is that the English in the copy on the page is TERRIBLE.


“Are you looking for a hot date this Friday night maybe casual dating is for you?”

If you can’t even get the FIRST SENTENCE right, you’re not trying.

There’s also the fact that the site is extremely broken. You can tell just from the first time you log on that nothing looks like it was designed by a professional-more like some college kid who did it in exchange for a few Slim Jims and a bag of weed.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

During our review, we decided to send out 600 emails to different women, since that’s how we see which websites are worth our time.

Unfortunately, the site made this a LOT harder than it needed to be! We had constant downtime, and the sites it claimed to be able to hook us up with were pretty much never working.

This site was a disaster. We can only assume that part of the reason we got so few responses was that it wasn’t working for women, either. We only got 17 responses out of 600, which is just absurd.

We didn’t get a single date! We didn’t get laid once, which puts this site solidly on our WORST websites list.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

Someday, we’ll find out where the people who run are actually from. On that day, the ones of us who bet on which country they were from will win money. We have guys with money on Mexico, China, Mongolia, Russia, and the Czech Republic, so pretty much no matter where these spammers who can’t speak English are coming from, someone’s going to win a sweet little pool of cash.

Seriously, you won’t even be able to UNDERSTAND this site half the time. Don’t waste your time.

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

If you want a site that’s always broken, never works properly, and is obviously a scam built by foreigners who are just trying to steal our money, you MIGHT have some luck getting scammed on

If you want a site where you actually know what’s going on and you meet women for casual sex, this site isn’t for you. However, feel fry to try, our NUMBER ONE site for hooking up with the best, hottest, and most eager girls online.

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. this site is just awful. what am i even supposed to review? doesn’t make it happen at all so just put a stop to this site in general

  2. no comparison to how bad this piece of crap is. you won’t get laid on here so what is the even point of looking at this site let alone joining it

  3. Gross Steve Moonship

    this site is just another scam. you won’t get laid on here so take your body elsewhere and just find a site that has real people to chat to

  4. not sure if this site is legit or not. seems like a fun site but i just can’t get anyone on here to chat with me and really get me laid

  5. Flash Navy Skunk

    nothing good to say about this one. it’s a crappy site laid out really badly and how are you even supposed to meet a single woman here??

  6. i just wanted to test this site out and i was really disappointed overall. isn’t good and i can’t imagine ever being able to use it properly

  7. only rating this one gets from me is a really bad one. this site is just a huge waste of time and you won’t get laid so there is absolutely no point to using this site at all

  8. casual dating will not happen on this website. it’s just a hot mess and you are better off turning around and going to that local bar than sitting on this site

  9. for dating i was hoping would be better but it just ISN’T. the women on here won’t talk to me at all. what even is the point of this

  10. Running Heavy Chipmunk

    sites like this are all a big joke. pass it over and join a site that will actually get laid, not this laughing stock pathetic excuse of a thing

  11. only thing to review on this site is how crappy it is really. doesn’t help you get laid, it will just give you headaches and be a real cluttery mess

  12. no comparison to how pathetic this site is. it barely even wants to load on my computer. what a piece of crap, i won’t be back to use it again

  13. Streaming Dugong

    just another scam floating around out there. pass this one up and go to any other site that actually will get you laid, this one won’t do it

  14. when i try to figure out if this site is legit or not i just end up confused. i was hoping that would be but now i’m just not sure

  15. Lion Morbid

    this site isn’t good at all. pass on it and go on to another site that has a lot of real activity on it and a lot of real people to chat with and sleep with

  16. this site is nothing but a test of my patience. pass on, you won’t get laid anyway so there’s literally no point to it at all

  17. when i have to give a site a rating i usually try to think of one good thing but this one just doesn’t have anything going for it. pass on it entirely

  18. Dead Test

    can’t even imagine a conversation let alone any casual dating going on with this website. pass it up and you’ll be a lot happier with it overall

  19. isn’t really my choice for dating but i think it has a lot of potential. i’m hoping it will pick up in speed later on when i use it more

  20. Brave Lord

    never impressed by sites like this and i’m not going to start now. it’s just not a good site overall and i can’t imagine it ever really working for anyone

  21. this site just doesn’t even deserve any kind of a good review. it’s a big hot mess and not one that i enjoy going back to again. is awful!

  22. this site can’t even think of a good comparison for itself and i won’t either. it’s a hot mess and one that i don’t enjoy, pass on this one and find another site

  23. Ghastly Jupiter

    just another scam. you won’t get laid on here so there’s no point in looking at this site at all. there aren’t even a lot of hot pics to look at so seriously m ove on

  24. not sure if is legit or not but i sure hope it is. this site flops around kind of slowly for me so far so i hope that changes

  25. Homeless Electron

    not good at all. don’t even bother giving this one a second glance because you aren’t going to get laid, it’s just a big waste of your time

  26. when i did a quick test of i wasn’t impressed at all. it’s just a big pile of uselessness and so i definitely won’t be back to use this site again

  27. only rating i can give this site is a 0 out of 10. it’s not good and i don’t think it ever will be. don’t even bother looking at this site at all

  28. Skilled Tough Chick

    for casual dating i guess it’s not the worst but i still don’t like it nor will i use it again. it’s just kind of a lackluster inactive site overall

  29. i’m not sure if i will use this site for dating again, isn’t my favorite, it has some good points but i just don’t think it works well for me

  30. Francois Ravenblack

    sites like this are usually a big miss and this one is no different. i wont’ be back to it again, it just won’t get me laid so what’s the point


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