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Totally confusing and not worth your time. Even once we figured it out, we didn't get any results.

The big problem with is that, quite frankly, you are not safe on this website.

In our guide to spotting and avoiding scams on casual dating sites, we talked about how you know someone is a scam. Well, is FULL of scammers. You have to be careful, and you have to protect yourself. Otherwise, you’re going to leave minus a bunch of your wallet’s contents.

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Let’s take a closer look at why you should never CasualKiss and tell.

During our CasualKiss comparison, we tried to give the site a fair shake-even though it looks like pre-music Myspace.

Seriously, what is up with the design? It looks like it’s desperately trying to be a social networking site, but has forgotten the fact that no one in their right minds would want to make friends on a place called This is a site that’s confused, boring, and not sexy at ALL.

If you can get past all that (though we recommend you just walk away now and cut your losses), you’ll find that you have another big problem: is FULL of scammers.

homepage for casualkiss

These are the women who will pretend to be sad, or helpless, or “in a bad situation,” and beg you for money. These women are not going to have sex with you, EVER. They want to take your money and disappear from your life as soon as possible.

You’ll also hear a lot of them claiming that they’re stuck somewhere, and they just need to borrow some money to get home. Don’t look now, but we’re pretty sure there’s a Nigerian Prince somewhere with a more believable premise running around.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

During our CasualKiss review, we sent out emails to 600 women.

Annoyingly, we only got 110 messages back, and we’re not sure that most, if ANY of those are legit. There were a couple that sounded promising, and we gave them a shot, but nothing came of it.

We set up two dates (the only two women who were actually in our area and didn’t sound like scams), but neither of them showed up. was a total bust.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

Fool us once, shame on you. Try to fool us 110 times, and you’re obviously not expecting people to stick around for your crappy website.

The worst part is that KNOWS it has a scammer problem. The very first page says in big red letters, “SCAMMERS ARE OPERATING OUT OF THIS WEBSITE. DON’T GIVE AWAY YOUR FINANACIAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE YOU MEET.”

That, of course, is the easy way out. The HARD way out is to actually make sure that everyone on your site is legit, and kick off everyone who’s not, but that sounds like too much work for the people at

Seriously, we contacted customer support after we got the first five emails from women claiming to need money. Customer support never did anything. We sent them another list, this time of about 20 women, and we still didn’t get a single response.

A+ customer service there,!

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

Unless you are just DYING to part with the contents of your bank account, stay away from

This site is a trap. It’s only made for scammers and their victims. Their victims are always dudes, because women know better than to drop a couple thousand just because some guy says he really really wants to put it in her, if only she’ll lend him the cash.

Stay away from this trap, and spend your time and money on instead. You’ll have a good time WITHOUT being ripped off!

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. there’s really not much of this site that has anything good to it, thus the review. casual kiss is just not a very good site, you won’t get laid on here at all

  2. no comparison to how bad this site is really. i’m not impressed by it at all and i don’t think i will be back to use it again in the future after not chatting at all

  3. it’s just a scam and a really common one at that…don’t spend your money on this site and you’ll be fine, just realize it’s literally the same as every other scam site

  4. casual kiss is one of those sites that i can’t tell if it’s legit or not. it’s ok but it’s just not working for me thus far and i’m hoping that will change

  5. not sure about this site but i can’t really think of anything good to say about it at the moment! it doesn’t work for me at all in helping me get laid

  6. when i did a test run of casualkiss i was really not impressed. the girls are all mostly fake and the ones that aren’t dont’ seem to be active anymore

  7. hard to give this site anything than a low rating. i’m not happy with it at all and i’m annoyed that i spent money on a site that is definitely fake

  8. Loose Mustang

    for casual dating i don’t think this site really hits the mark. i’m not impressed with it at all, the women are all definitely fakes and nothing more on this site

  9. not my pick for dating but i’m still trying to give it a try. i think casual kiss has a lot of good things about it but so far it just hasn’t lived up to its potential

  10. Dreaded Buffalo

    usually sites like this flop pretty hard and this is no exception. don’t bother spending your money on this mess of a site, it won’t get you laid

  11. only review i can think to give casual kiss is a bad one unfortunately. it just doesn’t work with the number of fakes floating around on it!

  12. it’s pretty hard to even THINK of a comparison to this site because it’s so bad. there are nothing but scammer profiles all over this site and they will take your money!

  13. it’s just another scam. i’m not surprised and neither should you be. it’s just one of those typical sites so just stay away from it and you won’t get messed up by it

  14. can’t tell if casual kiss is legit or not. i hope it is but i’m just not sure. the women on here are hot but i think a few of them might be fake profiles

  15. Man Stormy

    nothing good to say about this site. it’s not impressive at all and there aren’t even any real women on it. they just lie about everything on here!

  16. the only test run i did on casual kiss was a hot mess and really disappointing. i won’t be back to this site again that’s for sure, it’s just full of scammers

  17. can’t give this site anywhere close to a good rating. it’s just an obvious scam site and really not worth your time overall. pass this one over for sure

  18. Brave Lord

    not very impressed by this one for casual dating. it has some ok things about it but you really need to take note of all the fake profiles on it

  19. i’m not convinced that casual kiss is the best for dating. i may keep trying to use it but so far it’s been very slow going for me and i’m not that impressed by it

  20. seeing sites like this makes me want to just throw them all off a cliff. there’s nothing good about them at all, they don’t work very well in the first place and are generally bad

  21. casual kiss is nOT a good site and so here i am leaving a bad review for it. it just doesn’t work. the women on here are definitely nothing but fake profiles!

  22. pretty bad site and it’s hard to think of a comparison for that reason. i’m just not thrilled with it at all and i definitely won’t be back to use it again

  23. Lightning Kangaroo

    hard to find anything but a scam on this website. in a sea of fake profiles it should be pretty obvious so just keep that in mind when you are signing up

  24. this site is one that i’m not sure about being legit or not though i wish it was. casual kiss seems like it could be fun but so far it’s been kind of a flop

  25. Lab Touch

    NOT GOOD AT ALL. this site just doesn’t hit any mark i set for it and it’s full of fake profiles everywhere. pass this one over and you’ll be a lot happier

  26. when i just did a quick test run i was really not happy. this site isn’t good at all and it’s just one big hot mess as far as i’m concerned

  27. only rating this site gets from me is a bad one. just pass this one up and you will be a lot happier and end up saving a lot of money

  28. not the best site for casual dating at all. it has a few good things about it but not much when you count in all the fake profiles that are all over this site

  29. i wish i could find one dating site that was good but casual kiss hasn’t proven itself to be that as of yet. i hope that changes becuase there are some hot chicks

  30. just not the site for me and most sites like this aren’t. i’m not going to be back to this one after finding several obvious scammers all over it


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