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EroticAds is a great place to find hookups. We got e-mails from over 300 women, and went on more than a few dates in the process.

If it weren’t for the fact that we’ve seen some AMAZING websites during our time reviewing casual sex sites, we’d have been pretty impressed by during our review.

As it was, we like the site…well enough. Its design is just fine, and it didn’t try to scam us or anything. The problem is just that the women aren’t quite as many or as willing, and that makes it a lot less easy to hook up than it is on our favorite hookup sites.

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Let’s take a closer look at why is good, just not GREAT, compared to our other favorites.

We were very excited when we first logged on to This is a site with a very functional, very sleek design, although we do have to laugh slightly at some of the tricks they pull. For example, it’s obvious that the servers on aren’t up to all the traffic they get and all the very flashy, extreme graphics they use, so they have little “hi-tech” loading screens that come out and flash during the time it takes them to load.

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This site was in our top five best fling sites. Try it for free here: EroticAds

It’s just a cheap and easy way to get around buying more server space, and we can’t really fault them for that.

This site is quite nice when you get inside. The women are decently good looking, if you can possibly say that all the women are targeted towards the particular taste of some guys.

Hey, guys like different kinds of girls, we know enough chubby chasers to know that one. Just because we didn’t think the girls on are as hot as the girls on some other sites doesn’t mean you’ll think they’re any less hot, and the ones in your area might be even hotter.

Anyway, the problem with isn’t the hotness of the women-it’s the fact that the women aren’t nearly as willing to put out!

Our Excellent Results After 4 months Of Using Is Worth It? TOTALLY.

During our EroticAds review, we sent out 600 emails. Each of us five dudes sent out one email every day for a period of four months, and then we made sure to keep track of every message we got back.

We were pretty pleased with the results: 377 emails returned, and they had kept coming even after the review was over (yes, we kept our memberships to

We set up dates with 22 girls, but only 15 actually showed up. We did, however, go all the way with 12 of the girls, so that was a great improvement on any scam site we tried!

The results weren’t as great as they are on some other sites, but they’re not bad, either. This is a pretty good site, all told, if you go by just the responses we got-we just know that other sites got us laid more. The Best 2 Messages We Sent That Scored Us The Most Lays

Email 1: “Hi, Arie. Wow, I keep wanting to tell you how hot you are, but my eyes just keep going to your profile and the list of things you’ve achieved-and I think that’s amazing, especially at your young age. You seem like a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, and I love to see that!”

Email 2: “Hi, Cynthia. Your profile totally cracked me up. I never knew there were girls who thought about food the same way I do! Listen, I usually suggest to girls I want to hook up with that we go to a bar first, but you seem like a meat and potatoes girl-there’s a great gastropub opening downtown, if you’re as hungry as I am.”

The Things We Loved About

The one thing we HAVE to talk about on is the video player and video chat.

We’ve never been to a website that had better video than Youtube doesn’t have better or more accessible video than, that’s how sure we are!

If you like watching sexy videos, this site is perfect. It’s going to surpass your wildest dreams of the sexy things you can find on here. The girls on this site are absolutely smoking hot, and the amateur stuff they record is pure GOLD compared to what you see everywhere else.

We don’t usually recommend that guys spend their time and their money on a casual dating site’s video player, but this one is special. Trust us, we wouldn’t recommend it if it weren’t. Casual Dating Strategies Revealed: How To Stand Out From The Pack On

The best advice we can give you for getting ahead on is to be FUN. According to a lot of the girls we talked to, the guys on this site tend to treat women like vending machines-insert compliment, bang around under the hood, collect prize.

Don’t be that guy. That guy makes hot girls not want to come back to good sites. Be the guy who teases her a little and makes her laugh, even at his own expense, and you’ll be rewarded in ways a vending machine couldn’t imagine.

…And The (Admittedly Few) Things We Didn’t Love About

Remember how much we love the video player?

There’s a downside.

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of the women who are on are ONLY online for the video player, and make a very good living by getting naked for the cameras. On the bright side, you get to see women being absolutely gorgeous for your perusal.

On the down side, you’re mostly going to get women asking you to check out their video channel. It’s not terrible, but we’re not huge fans of having to pay extra, either.

Our Final Review Verdict On Is This The Best Site For Finding Casual Sex Online?

We really enjoyed our time on However, this is definitely more of a backup site than a primary site. We had some site issues, we had some problems with the girls not being willing to put out, and we’re just glad it’s at the bottom of our list. Check out for the ONLY site you’ll ever need as far as casual sex dating goes!

50 Responses to “In Our Opinion: Why Was Reviewed At #5 For Casual Sex Dating”

  1. erotic ads is one of those sites that i just had to review. i love this site and all the ladies i’ve met on it, it just does an amazing job of helping you get laid!

  2. don’t pass this one up. there really is no comparison to the quality you will get on this site, it does it all right and then some, i will definitely be back

  3. Solid Venom

    it’s not a scam that’s for certain. it does a good job in a lot of things, it could just use some purging of old, inactive profiles. otherwise it’s good!

  4. while i think that erotic ads is legit it’s still not my absolute favorite site out there. it just needs to really have an overhaul before i actually start enjoying it

  5. this site is really good, don’t overlook it. you WILL get laid on this site so just keep that in mind and really keep working on this site in general

  6. i just wanted to test out erotic ads but i found out that i really enjoyed the site. don’t look this one over. you will find exactly what you are looking for here!

  7. the only rating this site gets from me is a 10 out of 10. it just REALLY works, the site is very intuitive and the ladies are super hot!

  8. Southern Gangster

    this is a great site for casual dating because it’s very easy to use and to find exactly what you are looking for. that being said it could really use a cleaning!

  9. ok for dating but i’m not sure f it’s my favorite. erotic ads just needs some updating as far as i can see. other than that it’s decent enough.

  10. Liquid Mountain

    usually i’m not into sites like this but this one proved me wrong. it just does a great job on a lot of levels and for that reason i will be back!

  11. only review i can give a site like erotic ads is a great one. i’m really impressed by the way they handle everything and it’s so easy to talk to girls!

  12. few sites can even come close in comparison to this one. it just hits it out of the park, i really love every woman i have met on this site!

  13. Elephant Ruthless

    this site isn’t a scam and it does a good job of keeping those scams out. the only thing is it just needs to be purged of inactive profiles once in awhile

  14. while i am sure that erotic ads is legit it just is kind of mediocre for me. it’s a shame because it looks fun but it just hasn’t lived up to its full potential i think

  15. Red Edward Digger

    this site is really good and one that i intend to keep coming back to. the women are hot and it’s very easy to use. i love this site so far!

  16. when i did a test of erotic ads i was thrilled to see how good it is. it’s very easy to get ladies to message you back on here and so for that i will be back!

  17. only rating this site gets from me is an A+. it just works really well and it’s very easy to use. i’m impressed by this one so far for sure!

  18. Vital Freak

    i’ve liked a lot of casual dating sites before but this one is right up there at the top. it just does a great job and the only thing i can suggest to fix is getting rid of old profiles

  19. this site is ok for dating but it’s very cluttery and i find that difficult to use. for that reason erotic ads isn’t among my favorites, it’s just kin dof ok

  20. William Gold Scarlet

    sites like this are usually a bit miss for me but this one hits it out of the park. don’t pass this one up, it’s really good and you will definitely get laid

  21. Chanelle

    this site gets one of my best reviews of the year. overall erotic ads just really does an amazing job and i couldn’t be happier with it. seriously try it out.

  22. few sites can come close in comparison to this one and this is still my favorite. i think this site helps me meet more women than any of the others by far

  23. Flying Test

    so many people think all sites like this are a big scam but this one definitely isn’t! the women are all real. my only complaint is that it might take awhile to get used to

  24. erotic ads is legit but it’s just not the best out there in my opinion. it has a few issues that i’m just not happy with and overall it’s kind of meh

  25. Skinny Cutie Mink

    a good site and very consistent and easy to use. i will definitely be back to use this site more in the future because i’ve already met a lot of girls

  26. when i did a quick test of this site i was so happy with it. erotic ads does everything right and then some. this site is one that i will continue to use for awhile.

  27. only rating i will give a site like this is a 10 out of 10! it helped me meet my current girlfriend and it’s just awesome. definitely the best out there.

  28. The Harmony

    can’t beat this site for casual dating. it just is easy to use and very discreet. the only issue i have with it is a lot of old inactive profiles

  29. i think that erotic ads is ok for dating but it’s just not the best. the women on here are hot though and that is why i will end up sticking around

  30. Strongdom

    sites like this can be kind of a flop but this one definitely isn’t. don’t even bother looking anywhere else after you have tried this site in general

  31. only review i can give on this one is a great one. seriously erotic ads just does an amazing job. you won’t find women like this anywhere else!

  32. it’s impossible to find a comparison to a site this good. this is my favorite site for that reason and all the ladies on here are just amazing

  33. Billy Davis

    i don’t think this site is a scam at all. you won’t be able to get a hot date right away sure, but what site does that happen on? at least this site is honest!

  34. i think that while erotic ads is legit it just isn’t that great of a site. it moves way too slow for my liking and i’m not impressed by it at all in general

  35. Orange Lost Sinner

    this site has so many good things about it that it’s hard to even list them. the women are hot and real and easy to talk to and a lot of fun!

  36. i just jointed this as a test but i really enjoy erotic ads. it’s very easy to find exactly who you are looking for on here and the girls are all hot!

  37. A+ rating for me and i will definitely be back to use this site again in the future. it just does an amazing job of helping you meet new ladies

  38. Evil Brutus Davis

    i’ve used a lot of different casual dating sites but this is among my favorites. the women here are just a lot more fun, i just wish they’d clear out old profiles

  39. a lot of dating sites miss this mark and i feel like this one just barely scrapes by. erotic ads is one of those sites that i’m just not sure about atm

  40. Eaglet Gruesome

    when i see sites like this i am usually skeptical. this one helped break me of that. it just is awesome and full of a lot of amazing ladies to meet

  41. i’ve been around the block and that’s why i wasn’t sure about erotic ads at first. but now in this review let me just tell you that it’s AMAZING. don’t pass it up!

  42. only comparison to this site is one of solid gold i swear to god. it’s just awesome. well worth the money and time and made of a lot of awesome chicks

  43. i don’t think this site is a scam. it’s a good solid site and one that works like real life works lol. it does make it easier to find ladies but the rest is up to you

  44. while i think that this site is legit i’m just not that thrilled by it? i think erotic ads has a lot of maintenance to do before i’m really impressed by it

  45. Seriously Beaver

    it’s a good site and one i will be back to again and again. don’t look this one over, it’s got a lot of hot chicks that are very easy to talk to!

  46. i did a test run of this site and was VERY impressed by it. erotic ads hits it out of the park with how easy it is to chat to women in general

  47. 10 out of 10 rating on this one. it just does exactly what it says it will and you will definitely get laid on here. look no further for a lot of fun!

  48. Snappy Elvish Brigadier

    casual dating has a new name and it’s this site. it just works super amazingly well other than the fact it needs to be cleaned up of old profiles

  49. for dating i guess that erotic ads is ok. it could be worse at any rate but i’m not that impressed by it. i might give it another try in the future

  50. Brutal Wombat

    usually i am not a fan of sites like this but this one proved me wrong. ease of use and a lot of hot chicks really put this site on the map for me!


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