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A totallly inefficient site with no results. There are hardly any women on here, and the ones we found were busted. is not a site you’ve ever heard of.

This is a site that puts zero effort into pretty much anything. If you use this site, you might as well just pull out the tube sock and lotion, because there’s no way you won’t be going it solo tonight and from here on out. isn’t even a REAL site. This is a site that is all about trying to make you think there are women in it, when really it’s just a clone.

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Why don’t we think Flirts is real? Are we being too rough on it? Let’s take a closer look at the actual data we got from this site and YOU can decide. is an obvious clone. That means that there are many sites exactly like this-they have the same layout, the same color scheme, the same text-sometimes, they even have the same people’s pictures on the front or landing page!

This kind of site has one purpose, and one purpose only: to make money QUICKLY from horny guys.

As soon as they’ve made their money, guys start figuring out that there’s absolutely no women here to have sex with, and they start getting furious. Most of these guys will just go somewhere else, but some will be angry enough to threaten legal action.

shot of homepage for flirts

That’s when the company behind just takes down the site, buys another domain name, and puts it up again as or whatever, something equally vapid.

That’s why you’ve never heard of this site. It doesn’t really exist, since it’s just a clone. None of these clones have any real women on them, and is one of the worst.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

During our Flirts review, we sent out 600 emails to 600 different…well, we would say to 600 women, but there are no actual women on this site. We at least sent those emails to 600 different profiles, even though there were obviously no women behind them.

We only got back 12 responses!

Even the spambots at are lazy. None of the 12 responses we got back made absolutely ANY sense. They all looked something like this:

“Hi YOU time to make talking with me haha thank you!! You look at my waste time NOW!”

Yeah, okay. That’s a message we’re not going to answer.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

One of the guys in our group had a theory that is actually a secret government organization and we’re just not coming up with the right passwords to get past the spambot filter.

Yeah, we think he’s crazy, too.

Still, it would make more sense than the idea that your entire website is run by Horse_ebooks, so maybe it’s worth thinking about.

Either way, the point is that nothing on is for real. The profiles are fake, and the “women” send emails that are absolutely unintelligible-we don’t always understand women, but this is getting ridiculous!

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

There’s NO WAY you should spend any time on!

This is a website you should not bother with. The girls are fake, the website is a clone, and the whole thing is just a placeholder until the authorities realize what a totally messed up site this is.

If you want a GOOD site that isn’t going to get taken down any time soon, try out That’s a site where your money will actually do something, because it’s not a scam!

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. this site isn’t any good at all. pass on and go to a site with real people on it, this site is just full of fakes and a lot of scamming profiles

  2. no comparison to how bad this site is. it just doesn’t do anything that i want it to do, you won’t get laid and these women are all fakes for sure

  3. Fiend Dreaded

    just another scam site that they aren’t even apologetic about. the idea that there are thousands online is a big laugh. this site is very inactive.

  4. not sure if flirts is legit or not?? i’m hoping that it is, the women i’ve seen in their profiles so far are pretty hot and i’d love to actually have them talk to me

  5. not a good site at all and they don’t try to be. just pass this one up and you will be a lot happier. there’s nothing going on with this site anyway!

  6. when i did a test of i was REALLY not impressed. it’s just another scam site and you won’t find a single real woman on this whole thing

  7. very inactive and that’s why it gets a low rating from me. i won’t be back to use this site again, it’s just a total waste of your time anyway

  8. Hilarious Cub

    not my pick for casual dating at all nor should it be yours. it has a lot of fake profiles that makes it very difficult to even think of navigating

  9. seems like it could be ok for dating but so far it’s kind of fallen flat for me. i hope the pace picks up soon as i really want to enjoy this site

  10. Meaty Monkey

    sites like this are usually a joke and this one isn’t any different to be honest. i won’t be back after seeing so many fakes right off the bat.

  11. only thing to give a review on with this site is how bad it is to be honest. is nothing but fakes, it’s just a big mess overall and you won’t get laid

  12. hard to even think of a comparison to this piece of crap. it’s just a hot mess full of fakes and you will definitely not get to sleep with a single one of them

  13. Hideous Breeze

    just pass on this scam site. the women on here are all definitely fakes and scammer profiles…they will steal your money so watch out for that

  14. when it comes to finding a legit site i was hoping that would be one but i’m not sure so far. i’m going to hold out and see how things end up going

  15. Frozen Dragonfly

    there’s nothing good to remark on here. this site just steals your money and you won’t even get to talk to a chick in return so don’t bother wtih it

  16. i think this site is more of a test of your patience than anything else. it’s not good and knows it so just don’t bother with it

  17. only rating i can give this site is a 0 out of 10. it’s a big mess and you won’t get laid so there’s literally no point in joining or giving them money

  18. Captain Bill Davis

    for casual dating it’s not very good. it’s not very good at most things to be honest so just move on and find another site that does it all a lot better

  19. pass on this for dating. it’s all about sex which i guess is ok but i was hoping would be a little bit lighter on that compared to others

  20. Frozen Dragonfly

    nothing like sites like this to remind me of how much i absolutely hate most dating sites. after this one i definitely won’t be coming back to it

  21. nothing like a crappy site to make me want to seethe and review it immediately. just ISN’T GOOD and you won’t get laid on here at all

  22. it’s nearly impossible to think of a comparison to this site lol. it’s just really bad. you won’t get laid so don’t even spend a dime here

  23. Orange Jackal

    just one big scam after another basically. this site boils my blood but at worst i guess you could not sign up and then look at hot pics if you’re bored

  24. nothing about this site really screams legit to me but i want to be legit anyway so i can talk to all these hot girls that i keep seeing on here!

  25. Grotesque Rabbit

    can’t tell if this site is any good or not but my guess is nope. fake profiles generally mean no so i’ll be staying away from this site in the future

  26. this site was a failed test run for sure and i am NOT coming back to in the future. just throw this one aside and find any other site really

  27. one of my lowest ratings so far of the year goes to this site. just pass this one over in favor of any other site out there on the internet really

  28. just not a good site for casual dating…or anything really. i can’t recommend this site for much of anything because of all the fakes on it

  29. not sure about for dating or anything, i think that this site has potential but it just kind of flops for me so far and that’s very disappointing

  30. sites like this rarely work out and this one isn’t any different than the rest. i won’t be back to use this one again after seeing all the fakes on it


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