Ihookup.Com Review: The Truth About Why Ihookup.Com Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites



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No one responded to our messages, and we didn't even see any hot girls. Don't bother!

iHookup.com is a really pathetic site that fails on every level, and seems to think it’s doing great.

This site is extremely enthusiastic, and has a lot of science-looking facts and graphics to say it’s a good site, but that doesn’t really matter when the product is absolutely terrible.

This site is useless, worthless, and not worth your time. But don’t take our word for it-actually, do take our word for it, but let’s look at WHY you shouldn’t spend any time on iHookup.com.

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We knew right away when we signed on to iHookup.com that this was not going to be a good site for getting laid.

We said that there were a few red flags to finding a scam site-blank white background with thumbnails, bad English, and targeted only towards the male persuasion.

However, there’s a fourth way that we just didn’t bring up because it doesn’t come up all that often, usually because it’s a really freaking stupid way to structure a website:

The website claims to be different from all the others.

screen shot for ikhookup home

Unless the site can tell you EXACTLY why it’s not like all the others, this means absolutely nothing. Most sites that say this are just making stuff up wildly, hoping that you won’t stop and think about it for even a second.

There’s really no way for a hookup website to be all that different from other hookup websites.

There are ways for them to be better or worse, but in the end, they’re all the same thing-they’re a site trying to hook up horny guys with horny girls for casual sex.

Once you start trying to be “different” it kind of takes away all the meaning. What’s so different about iHookup.com?

They say that their website is “the only one based on chemistry, so every match sizzles.”

Well, that might sound fine (it doesn’t, it sounds stupid), but there’s absolutely nothing backing up that claim. It works just like every other website, just not as well.

Our Honest Results After Trying Ihookup.Com For Casual Sex Dating

During our iHookup review, we sent out 600 emails-and that means we were really trying, because there weren’t all that many women who looked bangable on that site.

We only got back 96 emails! Less than 100 out of 600 is pretty bad, even if they’re all legit. They weren’t even all legit. It was pretty obvious that not only was this a scam, but the profiles were all fake.

We tried setting up one date, but the girl didn’t even show. Hell, we might have been wrong, and accidentally set up a date with a spambot. We’ve done stupider things.

What We Thought: Why Ihookup.Com Could Be A Scam

When someone says they’re going to make a website different from all the others, they kind of have to mean it’s going to be BETTER than all the others. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much never the case-if it were, everyone would know about it!

There’s no chemistry going on with iHookup.com. There’s not even a date going on, so this is kind of a useless piece of crap on all accounts for anyone looking to get laid.

Should You Bother With Ihookup.Com For Casual Sex Dating?

You should definitely not use iHookup.com for casual sex dating. There’s NO REASON, because you’re not going to get a date and you’re not going to get laid.

Instead, check out our number one site, SocialSex.com!

30 Responses to “Ihookup.Com Review: The Truth About Why Ihookup.Com Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. there’s just nothing about ihookup to like at all. i don’t approve of this site and it’s way of running things, that’s why it definitely gets a bad review from me

  2. no comparison to this site, it’s just not good in general, pass on this site and move onto another site that isn’t as bad as this one

  3. Grub Jack Moonship

    this site is just one big scam and they’re pretty obvious about it. you shouldn’t really bother with this site as it’s just a big mess, the women on here are all fake

  4. you’ll have a hard time as i did determining whether or not ihookup is legit or not. it has some nice features but overall i’m just not sure about it

  5. Kiddie Tiny

    this site doesn’t have anything good going for it at all. i will not be back here because it’s really just one big mess, not good at all to get you laid

  6. when i did a test run of ihookup i was really not impressed by it. i’m not happy with the way this site turned out at all and i wish that i hadn’t spent money here

  7. if you want a virus then this is the place to find one. it gets a really bad rating from me because it’s full of scammers and a hub for viruses!

  8. Wooden Fisty Rat

    not my favorite casual dating site at all. it just doesn’t really work for me which is disappointing. it would be nice if this site would actually work!

  9. as far as dating goes i’ve used a lot of sites and i was hoping ihookup would be better but it hasn’t been so far. just not that impressive

  10. Agent Giant

    i’m hoping there are better sites like this in the future but this one isn’t one of them. it just doesn’t help you get laid at all which is really disappointing

  11. few sites get such a bad review from me as ihookup does. it just is bad, full of scammers, logging onto this site sometimes makes my anti virus freak out!

  12. can’t think of a single comparison to this site other than comparing it to crap. it’s not good and they don’t even try to make it good so why are you surprised

  13. i think this site is just one big scam. you won’t get laid on here that’s for sure. it’s really not for me, not even with some of the hot profile pics lol

  14. not sure if ihookup is legit or not. i wish it would be but i’m not sure so far because there are some real profiles but not many of them

  15. Ugly Rusty Saint

    can’t say this site is good at all. it’s not my favorite and really not one that i will be using in the future at all because of how crappy ti is

  16. the only quick test run i did of this site was basically a complete flop. i wish that i had never bothered with ihookup.com at all because it’s NOT good

  17. 0 out of 10 rating on this site for sure. it’s just not good. i dno’t think i can ever recommend this site to any of my friends what with how many fakes are here

  18. Fisty Flapper

    i’ve used so many sites for casual dating and this is not one i will be back to again. i think that i have gotten more viruses on this site than anywhere else

  19. this site is just ok for dating as far as i’ve seen. ihookup has a lot of potential but it doesn’t really work for me so far, i guess i will keep trying

  20. Over Find

    sites like this are usually pretty hit and miss but unfortunately this one seems like a big miss. i just don’t know about making this site really work

  21. can’t give this one anything more than an awful review. it’s just not worth much of anything in my eyes, it’s really not good and full of fakes, pass on ihookup

  22. for comparison EVERY other site has always gotten me laid and this site can’t even get me a conversation. dont’ spend your money on this site!

  23. Lynx Chicken

    definitely just a scam. it’s hard to find a single real profile on this site. the only upside to it all is the fact that a lot of the fake profile pics are kind of hot!

  24. can’t figure out if ihookup is legit or not? i think it might be but i’ve seen some fake profiles on this site so i’m not sure. i’m going to hang out and see

  25. Sleepy Unique Frog

    this site is nOT GOOD. you won’t get laid on here so why are you even bothering spending a dime here. it’s not worth anything and is just a waste

  26. when i did a quick test of this site i was nOT IMPRESSED BY IT. ihookup is a big mess and basically just full of fake profiles everywhere

  27. only rating i can give this site is an F. pass on it and go find a site that has real women that actually want to sleep with you and even talk to you!

  28. Modern Star

    might pass on this one for casual dating. i don’t really see much going on here and that’s a pretty big red flag so i’ll go elsewhere for now

  29. ihookup seems like it might be fun for dating but i can’t get a lot of girls on here to talk to me thus far which is pretty frustrating, not sure how long i’ll hold out

  30. when i see sites like this i automatically know they’re going to be bad. just pass this one over and you won’t be out a lot of money and time


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