JustHookup.com Review: The Truth About Why JustHookup.com Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites



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We wanted to just hook up, but this site didn't deliver. It was impossible to use and we didn't meet any women.

JustHookup.com is a junk site that for some reason, its creators have put a lot of time and effort into succeeding.

JustHookup.com is a scam. The profiles are completely fake-and more than that, the website buys up domain names so they can claim that there are “no JustHookup scams,” when really they’re just trying to get rid of the evidence collected by sites like scamadvisor and ripoff report.

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Let’s take a closer look at why you should NEVER use a site like JustHookup.com.

If JustHookup.com looks familiar to you, you’ve probably been on ANY scam dating site before.

This is a clone site, one of many that has been put up and torn down several times because the owners were caught being lying scammers who tried to con people out of money.

They’re bad news. These are bad sites.

If you go looking around the web for non-legit hookup sites, you’re going to find a lot that look like JustHookup.com-and even weirder, because they steal profiles and pretend that the spambots running them are real, you’ll see the exact same pictures of women on every site like this.

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We never met a single woman that we would be willing to swear was REAL our entire time on JustHookup.com. We’re pretty sure that there aren’t any that aren’t spambots.

Our Honest Results After Trying JustHookup.com For Casual Sex Dating

During our JustHookup review, we sent out emails to 600 women over the course of four months.

We only got 31 emails back!

That’s a pretty tiny percentage, and we were disappointed that it was so small. We’d thought that maybe we could at least meet ONE real girl who had been tricked into thinking that JustHookup.com was legit, but we never found a single one.

We never got a date, and we never wound up having sex with any girls because of JustHookup.com.

What We Thought: Why JustHookup.com Could Be A Scam

This site is getting desperate.

If you look for JustHookup.com, but with just about ANY word next to it, you’ll see that the people behind the site have bought a whole bunch of domain names, like “justhookupscam” and “justhookupsucks” and “justhookupfraud.”

You’d think that they’re trying to keep other people from getting them, but it’s WAY more hilarious. Each site is littered with dumb assertions that JustHookup.com is AWESOME, like this gem:

“I heard that there was a justhookup scam but I didn’t find a justhookup scam! Anyone who says there is a justhookup scam is lying. Justhookup is not a scam. This site is good. I have met many women on justhookup which is not a scam. Hey that’s just my opinion.”

Wow, we’re almost going to faint at how very LEGIT that looks! Thanks, anonymous man who just happens to run ALL of these websites and posts the same content on each one! You totally sound like a real person and not a JustHookup.com employee at all!

Should You Bother With JustHookup.com For Casual Sex Dating?

The only reason to even MENTION JustHookup.com is to laugh at it, and you can do that all the way from an awesome site. There’s no need to join a terrible one like JustHookup.com. This is a site that will make you sure you don’t have game, when in reality it’s JustHookup.com that’s the problem.

If you want to see what you’ve really got, check out Xpress.com or SocialSex.com, our top two websites for casual sex dating, and see how your game is against REAL women!

30 Responses to “JustHookup.com Review: The Truth About Why JustHookup.com Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. not happy with this site at all thus i have to leave a review. i will not be back to just hookup after i totally didn’t get a single girl to talk to me the whole time

  2. no comparison to how crappy this site is. it just misses every mark for me and i am not happy with it at all. pass on this one if you really want to get laid

  3. Needless Corporal

    i know this site is a scam and they make no attempt to hide it. pass this one up and you will be a lot happier in the long run of things

  4. i can’t figure out if justhookup is legit or not. this site has a lot of potential but either way it’s been very slow going for me to begin with

  5. Swift Smoke

    not good. there’s nothing about this site that makes me want to come back for more and so i don’t think i will bother doing so in the future

  6. this site was just supposed to be a test run but it was very disappointing. i do not like just hookup and the fact it’s full of fakes makes me like it less

  7. only rating it gets from me is a 0 out of 10. it doesn’t deserve anything because it’s just a giant scammers hub full of fake profiles

  8. Morbid Phantom

    i’m not sure about using this site for casual dating. it’s full of a lot of fake profiles so you really have to weed through it and even then it’s not great

  9. not really convinced that just hookup makes the best dating site. i don’t think i will be using this one again in the future but i will try for a bit

  10. Itchy Flaming Space

    when i see sites like this i am rarely impressed and this is not an exception to that. i dont’ think i will be back after seeing so many fake profiles on here

  11. the only review i can give this site is a bad one. justhookup misses on a lot of different levels and i am really not happy with it. passing on this one in the future

  12. god there is just no comparison for this except PURE CRAP. the only women on here are fakes and they make no attempt to hide this crap from you

  13. Vital Cult Rebel

    this site is nothing but a scam. it is full of fake profiles that they deliberately put there to pad the site for members. it’s just kind of laughable really

  14. i can’t figure out if this site is legit or not? i hope that just hookup is but i’m just not sure. there are a lot of hot ladies here and that’s all i care about

  15. Gruesome Sergeant

    this site could have some good parts to it but it’s overshadowed by all the fakes. pass this one up for a site that isn’t going to take you for a ride

  16. when i did a test run of just hookup i wasn’t impressed at all. i’m glad i didn’t sign up for the full thing because it REALLY isn’t worth it!

  17. Fredrick

    0 out of 10 rating for me. i can’t believe this site is still functional, it should be shut down for stealing so many people’s money in general

  18. Donkey Small

    not my pick for casual dating at all. i think this site has way too many fakes on it to be functional and usable for most people so just pass it over

  19. i wish that i could like just hookup more for dating but so far it hasn’t been the best at all. i really don’t think it’s a good site at all

  20. Gold Pony

    sites like this are rarely good and this one is no exception. don’t even bother using it in the future when you just know it will be more scams all over again

  21. only a bad review for just hookup. i can’t believe anyone likes this site, it’s iMPOSSIBLE to meet women and get laid on here becuase of all the fakes

  22. in comparison i will never be back to this site again while others i usually at least give one second chance. this one just doesn’t even deserve that much

  23. Vital Swallow

    definitely just a scam. there are fakes all over the main page and they don’t even do anything to hide them. what a hot mess of a site indeed

  24. i’m not sure if just hookup is legit or not. i wish it was because there are a lot of hot ladies on here but overall i think that it’s a little it questionable

  25. Grim Screamy Filly

    nothing good to say about this site. i don’t think i will be back to use it again in the future after seeing sO many fake profiles just littering this site

  26. i did a test of just hookup and was really not impressed with how few women i actually ended up meeting on here. it’s not worth it at all

  27. only rating it gets from me is an F. it just doesn’t work. there aren’t any real women on here so it’s nigh impossible to actually get laid on this site

  28. Giant Mustard

    for casual dating you can just do soo much better than this site! the women on here aren’t real at all and it’s really obvious when you look at them

  29. i wish that justhookup was a better dating site, so far it’s been really slow going for me. i’ll probably still stick it out but i’m not sure for how long

  30. Silver Agent

    sites like this are just not my cup of tea and this one proves why. it’s just such a scammers paradise in general and really hard to get anything done


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