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If this was our only experience with a dating site, we would've given up! Don't make the same mistake we did.

Here’s the thing about it’s been going a long time.

Some version of this site and company has been around since the 1970s, which you’ll remember is WAY before most Internet scams were up and scamming people.

You might think that means that is legit.

You would be wrong.

It means that has found WAY more efficient ways of scamming people, and is now expanding into the online world.

dating site scam alert image

Let’s take a closer look at why you should never trust ANY sites like

The scam is very simple. First, it’s focused primarily on the phone-based scam portion of the website, where it has been focused for the past 40 years.

You pay money to leave phone messages for women that you think are attractive from their profiles. However, has the right to alter or delete parts of them, and they usually just alter out the part where you leave your phone number for the girl-meaning that if she wants to contact you, she will send you an email asking for your phone number again.

lavalife homepage image screenshot will BLOCK you if you try to send it through the site, so you have no choice but to leave another message…which the site will also edit so that you have to keep doing it.

This is a fool’s game, seriously. No one ever wins. It’s not the girls’ fault, they want to get dates just as bad as you do. They think they’re just sending emails over and over asking to contact you, and you’re calling but refusing to give out your email!

Their Internet-based scam is a lot more simple. When you create a profile, they will send you a bunch of messages from “women” who want to meet you-and who disappear as soon as you pay. In that way, at least, it’s a very common scam to see and avoid.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

We’re just going to talk about our experiences with the online dating part of, because the phone lines thing really needs to be a separate review-even though you should know how the company operates in order to protect yourself.

We sent out 600 emails during our LavaLife review. We only got one back-and it was an automated message, saying that the girl had completely left

Yeah, we don’t blame her.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

Look, if you’re feeling the need to connect to the 1970s, we get that. They were pretty cool times, with bell bottoms and the leftovers of the 60s and the new psychedelic crazes sweeping the world. There were some pretty cool trends, and we could see wanting to connect with that.

Just don’t do it by letting yourself fall victim to a SCAM from the 1970s. That’s like, way totally not groovy, man.

Honestly, we don’t know why this site is even still in business. It’s shocking that they haven’t been shut down for good yet. Maybe they have connections to “The Man.”

Okay, we’ll stop using 70s talk now. We were sick of it in the 70s and we’re sick of it now. The words LavaLife just remind us of that embarrassing owning-a-lava-lamp phase.

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

There’s nothing to be gained by being part of You’ll just get ripped off by the most practiced scam artists in the business, time and time again. You’ll never even get to talk to a single real woman without being scammed! Instead, join, our number one pick for casual sex dating. You’ll get laid there without having to jump through hoops!

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. lava life is definitely the worst site i have ever used. that’s why i just had to leave a review. there’s NOTHING on thsi site that makes me wants to come back at all

  2. hard to even think of a comparison to a site this bad. it misses every single point and it isn’t something that i ever want to deal with every again

  3. Rat Screaming

    just another scam site for sure. i won’t be using this one again after all the fakes i’ve seen all over it, it’s mostly just a waste of time for you

  4. hard to figure out if lava life is legit or not? i wish it was, there are a lot of hot chicks on here but overall it seems to be kind of lacking

  5. not anything good comes of this site. you won’t get laid so don’t’ bother wasting your time on it, these girls aren’t real and are just a bunch of bots

  6. this site was hilarious to test run because of all the fakes crawling on it. other than that i definitely can’t call it fun, and i won’t be back at all

  7. only rating this one gets from me is a big fat zero. it’s just not a good site, nothing redeemable about it. pass on this one and move on

  8. Captain Sofia Stoker

    not my pick for casual dating at all. i think there are so many other sites out there that do it better and so this one is pretty obsolete

  9. i wish that lava life would pick up on the dating scene for me but so far it’s been pretty lackluster. it’s just not a good site and not one that i enjoy

  10. Jane Blackstroker

    sites like this never impress me. unfortunately this is one of the worst ones i’ve tried so far and i won’t be back to use it again ever in the future

  11. this site doesn’t even deserve a review. lava life is one of the worst i’ve used so far, it’s just full to the brim with scam artists and there’s nothing about it i want

  12. hard to think of a comparison to a site that just flops on every level. it doesn’t meet a single mark that i usually set for these sites so i definitely won’t be back

  13. InvaderInvader

    this is just another scam. at least it’s an obvious one and that should make it easy for you to avoid so you don’t end up spending a ton of money

  14. i was wondering if lava life is legit? i hope it is. there are a lot of hot ladies on this site that i’d love to chat with it’s just hard to get things rolling

  15. Grub Jacob Silverbeard

    this site isn’t good and it never will be so stop waiting around for it to change. it’s OBVIOUSLY nothing but scammers and fakes on here so just pass it up

  16. when i did a test of this site i was not impressed. there’s nothing on here that makes me want to come back so i will never come back to lava life

  17. only rating this gets is an F. i can’t imagine anyone ever really enjoying this site, it’s not good at all and it’s just a hot mess in general so forget it

  18. Donna Seagull

    i wanted to try this out for casual dating but it just doesn’t work. this is a really bad site and full of fakes to boot so i’m just gonna give it up

  19. lava life seems like it could be fun for dating but it just hasn’t reached its full potential for me yet. what a shame, i hope it picks up in the future

  20. Chest George Blackman

    sites like this are rarely good and this one isn’t any better than the others i have tried over the years. don’t bother with this one and its fakes

  21. nothing but a mess of a site and that’s all i can say in this review. lava life just doesn’t do the trick for me and it definitely won’t do it for you either

  22. hard to find a comparison to such a load of crap. it just needs to be shut down for scamming so many people over the years, it’s a big mess!

  23. Lefty Frog

    i know this site is a scam and it should be obvious to you, too. move on from this one and find another site that actually helps you really meet women

  24. this site isn’t legit i think but i’m still trying to give lava life a chance to redeem itself. it seems like it could be a fun site if you meet the right girl on it

  25. Gangster Solid

    this site isn’t good at all. it doesn’t try to be and it never will be. take your time and money and effort to any other site to have better results

  26. when i gave this one a test run i didn’t expect to have my patience tested too. lava life just FLOPS. it won’t get you laid and you won’t even get to chat

  27. for my rating let me just say this site is one of the worst i’ve ever tried. i can’t imagine myself ever going back to it again so i will be deleting it from my mind

  28. Flapper Streaming

    not a good casual dating site or much of anything really…it just doesn’t work on a lot of levels and it doesn’t try to so what did you even expect

  29. when i went to try out lava life i hoped it would be better for dating. it’s been ok so far not great but i wish it would still pick up in the future

  30. Donkey Tasty

    sites like this always just piss me off. there’s nothing going on on this one either so it’s just frustrating and annoying to use, pass it over


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