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We're still pissed we wasted our time filling out a profile on this site. It was a total waste of time.

Okay, we have to get this out of the way right now: we KNOW that free dating SOUNDS good.

Of course it sounds good! Who doesn’t want to get something awesome for free? Everyone would rather their dating site be free, because then you can spend the money on something better, like taking your date out to a fancy dinner instead of Red Lobster, right?

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We’ll tell you why that logic is totally flawed, and is going to be responsible for you not getting ANY dates on any site that is actually “totally free with no payments required now or ever.”

Let’s look at why you should NEVER bother with a site like any other site like this.

Even if were not one of the dreaded free sites, there’s no reason you should give it a shot. The site takes FOREVER to load, which tells anyone that it’s not run by people who know what they’re doing, or care much about this site. If they cared, they’d have some dedicated servers, and lag time wouldn’t be an issue.

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But the REAL reason isn’t worth it is the whole “free” thing. Now, there are some sites that are free dating sites, and that SOUNDS like a good idea, sure.

However, the problem is that these sites will NEVER get you laid.

Dating is a numbers game. It’s always a numbers game, and if you don’t think so, try being at a bar where there’s just one woman and 30 men, and see how soon you change your mind.

Even if you’re the hottest guy out of those 30, she might not like short guys, and there’s DEFINITELY at least one tall guy in all those 30 guys. What we’re saying is that numbers are your friend-on paid dating sites.

Paid sites attract a few more men than they do women. Some paid sites balance that out by making membership free for women, which is one way to reduce the number of men and even out their ratio.

Free websites are OVERWHELMINGLY populated with men. They think they can just sign up for every site at once and get better results, but all it does is clog up the pool with idiots. Women sign up, get 300 messages all saying “nice tits,” and leave immediately.

Stay away from totally free sites, you’re just giving them money through ad revenue and losing your time.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

We sent out 600 emails during our SaucyDating review. We basically didn’t manage to get ANYTHING back-we received 64 emails, but they were all spambots from fake profiles.

We didn’t set up a single date, and we didn’t get laid. is worse than useless.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

Some good things are free, like air to breathe.

Some other things are free, too. Ants are free pets. You’re welcome to go touch them or something. No one is going to stop you, but YOU should stop you, because that’s a stupid, useless, pointless, obnoxious idea-kind of like going on

If you value your time, don’t waste it on a site like this. You can do a lot better with our guides to casual sex dating!

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

If you want a website where you’ll meet a lot of women and have a lot of fun, check out NOT This is a site where no one has ever heard the word “fun.” You’ll never get a date, because no one can get a date on this stupid site.

Instead, try out, our FAVORITE pick for casual sex!

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. saucydating is nOT my preferred website at all. i don’t think i could be happier to leave a bad review on a site that obviously just exists to steal your money!

  2. this site is just a giant craphole, there’s no comparison to that. it’s really not good because it just lies about everything and has fakes all over the front page!

  3. definitely a scam. you can take one look at it and see that. don’t waste your money on this site and try and just spend your money somewhere else

  4. this site is kind of questionable but i am holding out and hoping that saucy dating is legit. there’s nothing else to this site except a lot of hot chicks

  5. Springbok Steamy

    i was hoping this site would be good but it really isn’t. it’s just a big hot mess and not something that i want to keep coming back to again and again

  6. don’t even bother with giving this site a test run. you won’t get anything out of saucy dating, you’ll just get annoyed and frustrated because you aren’t getting laid

  7. this site deserves an awful rating from me and everyone that uses it. don’t bother coming to this site; you’ll just get mad at all the fakes you see on it

  8. Rocking Professor

    for casual dating this one misses the bar. i don’t think i will ever use this site again and it’s not good so just don’t even bother with it in the future

  9. i’ve used a lot of dating sites and i think saucy dating has some potential but it just doesn’t really work for me so far. i hope that it picks up in the future

  10. Gravezumtouch

    seeing sites like this just make me feel ill. i can’t believe they are allowed to still function and scam people out of so much money. highly unrecommended!

  11. have to leave a review on saucy dating because it’s just sooo bad. this one really misses every mark i’ve set for it, you won’t get laid if you use this site at all

  12. no comparison to how bad it is really. you won’t get laid on here so don’t even try to make it work for you. the women on here are all fakes.

  13. Der Hamster

    nothing but another scam site. it’s obvious too so just take your money and run unless you like looking at a lot of fake profiles all day

  14. i can’t tell if saucy dating is legit or not though i am really holding out and hoping that it is. there are a lot of hot chicks on here that i wish would talk to me!

  15. Detective Freaky

    nothing good to say about this one at all. i won’t be back because it’s just COVERED in fakes and it’s really obvious about it too…what a mess

  16. Charlesetta

    when i did a test of this site i was really unimpressed. there’s just NOTHING going on with saucy dating. so many inactive profiles that it’s ridiculous!

  17. this site gets my lowest rating. there’s just nothing to do on this site and it’s a total waste of your time and money…seriously spend your money on a REAL datin gsite

  18. Beau Hot Trustee

    for casual dating this site just doesn’t do it right. you won’t get laid on a site that won’t even let you talk to people. really reconsider before signing up here

  19. can’t get any real dating done on here so far. i’m hoping that will pick up for me but thus far it’s been kind of lackluster and that’s disappointing

  20. Cute Boar

    when i look at sites like this i usually just have to sigh. there’s nothing really going on here and i don’t think there ever will be so what even is the point of them

  21. this site doesn’t get a good review from me at all. saucy dating misses on several different points and i can’t imagine it ever really improving itself in any way

  22. hard to think of a comparison to this site that isn’t just crap. it’s NOT a good site, you won’t get laid on here so why even bother signing up

  23. Yellow Ranger

    just another scam site. they’re pretty obvious about it in the way they lie about how many members they have. don’t even look twice at this one

  24. i think this site has some potential but i just can’t tell if it’s mostly legit or not. saucy dating could be so much fun but it just misses the mark for me thus far

  25. Orange Jackal

    only good thing about this site would be it shutting down to be honest. don’t even bother spending money here, there’s nothing good about it at all

  26. this site wasn’t even worth a test run as far as i’m concerned. saucy dating misses a lot of points for me and i just think that it’s not worth any amount of money

  27. using this site is really just a headache and that’s why it gets a bad rating from me. i don’t think i will ever be back to use this site ever again in the future

  28. The Power

    for casual dating you can do a lot better. this site doesn’t really get the mark for me and i think that the women on here are all mostly fakes

  29. i’ve used so many dating sites. unfortunately saucy dating isn’t one of my favorites so far and that’s a shame. it has potential but it just hasn’t shown yet

  30. Circus Panda

    sites like this are usually bad and this one is no exception. don’t even bother with it, you won’t get laid and there’s no point to that in the first place


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