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SocialSex is our top online dating site. We were able to meet 35 women off this site, and almost all of the dates ended with hooking up.

When we say that we like a site, we mean that the site was good, it was well-designed, and it did what it was supposed to do.

When we say we LOVE a site, we mean it got us laid-a LOT.

Well, we both like AND love! This site was our absolute favorite. We had an amazing time, we got laid almost constantly, and we couldn’t really think of much to even improve this awesome site.

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If we didn’t think you’d have the same results, we wouldn’t recommend it to you.

So, let’s take a look at what we LOVE about, and why it’s our NUMBER ONE site for hooking up, getting laid, and generally meeting women to have fun! is basically what any good casual dating site SHOULD be, but most usually don’t achieve.

This site is PACKED with women. Seriously. We NEVER had an issue with finding enough women to send emails to, and they were all of much higher quality than we’d been used to seeing on other websites.

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SocialSex is our best rated website for online hookups – check it out now for free: SocialSex

Even better, the women we found weren’t the really picky ones we’ve seen on other sites, either. They were pretty receptive to our advances, and made us feel good about sending them continued messages. They usually responded pretty quickly, too!

Our Excellent Results After 4 Months Of Using Is Worth It? TOTALLY.

We’re a group of five guys. With that being said, don’t think you have to get the kind of numbers we get when we send out emails to girls-but you totally could if you wanted to.

To get our results, you’d have to send five emails to women every day for a period of four months, for a total of 600 emails. Yeah, that’s a lot of emails to send out, but that’s how we got the results we did. Each of us sent out one email every day, and we tabulated together all of our scores for the whole period of four months.

That way, we knew we’d get the best possible aggregation of how good each site was-and it worked!

During our SocialSex review, we sent out 600 emails total. We were hoping to get back at least 300, since a 50 percent success rate makes it pretty clear that we’re going to get laid on a casual dating site.

We got back 498 emails.

That’s 83 percent! That’s a WAY better percentage than we had any idea we’d get back, and we’re absolutely stunned and thrilled at the response. From this, we can draw only one conclusion:

Girls on are there to HOOK UP.

If you want to hook up, this is the best site you can go to. We had 35 dates with the girls from this site, and got laid 31 times! In just four months! The Best 2 Messages We Sent That Scored Us The Most Lays

Email 1: “Hi, Tanya. As much as I love everything you’re wearing in your picture, it was the quote you put on your profile that drew me in. Sick of becoming something you’re not for a man that won’t give you what you want? I have a feeling you could get what you wanted with me.”

Email 2: “Hi, Trisha. Wow, you don’t see many girls who play the oboe. I used to play the bassoon, but I’m pretty sure my embrochure is gone by now. I wouldn’t mind having a little reminder course in mouthwork, if you’re free this weekend. After the Symphony, maybe?”

The Things We Loved About

One thing we ADORED about was the sorting algorithm. Yes, it’s something that every site has, but not every site does it NEARLY as well as We were able to search for girls by all kinds of things, like where they were from, how old they were, body type, and MOST importantly, what they were looking for.

Being able to filter women by the kind of relationship they’re looking for is a GREAT advantage. It means that you’re never stuck going out on a date or getting involved with a girl that wants a lot more than you’re willing to give them right now. Casual Dating Strategies Revealed: How To Stand Out From The Pack On

The EASIEST way to get ahead on is by giving the girls on here some SPACE. The girls on are ready to go, but they don’t like to be harassed. This is a great thing, because it means you have time to space out your time online, and you don’t have to do it all right away.

Another great way to get ahead on this site is by having a username that isn’t immature. You’d think that a lot of guys would have this down, but you’d be wrong! Most of the ones we were competing against (according to the women we went out with) went by names like bigharddickxoxo or 8inchlatinking, something ridiculous like that. Choose a simple, easy-to-remember username, and your first impression will already be ahead of the pack.

…And The (Admittedly Few) Things We Didn’t Love About

As much as we love, there are a COUPLE things we could like a little better. For one thing, customer service is AWESOME-but it’s a little slow. If you email, you can expect a response within 48 hours, but it’s probably going to be closer to 48 hours than it is to 0 hours.

We’re also not the world’s biggest fans of the video player. The quality is great, and the audio generally works pretty well, but we had some issues with the video being a half second ahead of the audio a lot of the time. Still, we don’t use sex sites for the video chat feature!

Our Final Review Verdict On Is This The Best Site For Finding Casual Sex Online?

If we didn’t absolutely love, we wouldn’t have it as our number one pick for the BEST casual dating website on the Internet. We never found a SocialSex scam, we loved almost every feature we tried, and we’d definitely come back.

Oh yeah, and we got laid 31 times in just four months. Let’s not forget that!

50 Responses to “In Our Opinion: Why Was Reviewed At #1 For Casual Sex Dating”

  1. this site is one of the best that i have ever used. social sex just does it right and that’s why i HAD to leave a review for it. i won’t use any other site other than this one!

  2. hard to give this site a comparison when it’s honestly so GOOD. don’t pass it up, the women on here are so smoking hot it’s ridic

  3. Cockroach Angry

    i don’t think this site is a scam at all. that being said it can be kind of slow to get started on so just keep that in mind when you’re using it or you will get fed up

  4. social sex is legit but it’s just not my favorite site. it has some good things about it and some bad things and overall i think that it’s just one of those hit and miss sites

  5. Donkey Loose

    i have never not had a good experience here. this site just rocks it out for me and i am really happy to keep using it. i won’t go to another site!

  6. my test run of social sex went great. this site just hits it out of the park, lots of hot ladies and NOTHING bad to say about it at all

  7. only rating this site gets from me is a great one. the women are all SO hot and i have never not gotten laid on this site. just give this one a try for sure!

  8. i think that this one is ok for casual dating. there are a lot of hot chicks on here, it can just take awhile for it really to get rolling, otherwise it’s awesome

  9. i’m not sure this is the best dating site out there. social sex has a lot of good things about it but it’s just not my favorite thus far. maybe that will change.

  10. Pointless Roadrunner

    sites like this are usually kind of a miss but this one does a GREAT job. no complaints from me, it just does it right and without any hitches

  11. Earnestine

    DEFINITELY gets a good review from me. i’m really happy with social sex because it does exactly what it says it will and that’s help you get laid!

  12. no comparison to this site. it just does it right. this one really makes me happy because all the women i’ve met on here are ladies that i will keep coming back to!

  13. Rocky Rough Girl

    at first i was worried this is a scam but it’s not. it just runs a bit slow at times but that’s because there’s a lot of competition. don’t pass it over though!

  14. while i think that social sex is legit, i’m still not that impressed by it. the women on here just aren’t really my type and it just takes awhile to get anyone to talk to you

  15. this is a good site and one i will keep coming back to again and again. the women on here are just hotter and they ALWAYS answer my messages

  16. this site was just supposed to be a test run but i ended up really falling in love. social sex just does it right and for the right price, so give it a shot

  17. only rating from me is an A+. i love this site and the women i’ve met on here are awesome. no crazies either which is a big plus! don’t pass it up!

  18. for casual dating i think that this site does a decent job. it can take awhile to really start talking to women but other than that it’s pretty awesome

  19. i’m not sure about social sex being that great of a dating site. it’s a little cluttered for my tastes but i am still trying to give it a shot after the first few times

  20. i’m usually pretty skeptical about sites like this but i don’t have any complaints about this one! it does it right overall and i think the ladies on here are really hot

  21. only review this site gets from me is a great one. i’m really impressed by social sex overall and i think the ladies i’ve met on here are just smoking hot

  22. few sites can come close to this one in comparison. it just does the job right overall and i have absolutely no complaints about it! don’t pass this one up!

  23. Meaty Monkey

    only idiots would think this was a scam. it does it right overall and i think that the only thing about this site that really bugs me is the fact it’s kind of slow

  24. while i am pretty sure that social sex is legit, it’s still not my favorite site. it just kind of flops for me and doesn’t help me meet anywhere near as many women as i’d like

  25. Headless Bulldozer

    i think this site is pretty good! it has a lot of potential to be even better too which is the best part about it. don’t look this one over, it’s a lot of fun

  26. this site was just going to be one of my test runs but i ended up really liking it. social sex does a decent job at most things and i’m pretty happy with it

  27. A rating from me! i think this site does a great job and i can’t imagine myself using another site after getting so hooked onto this one. it just does it right!

  28. Walker Blackbeard

    for casual dating, you really can’t beat this site. the women i’ve met on here are some of my favorite girls ever and i won’t hand them over for anything!

  29. hard to imagine many people using this for dating successfully because it’s taken me a long time to make social sex really work for me. what a shame.

  30. Dam Apflex

    when i see sites like this i am rarely impressed but this one really made it work. i’m so happy to be able to use this site, the women i’ve met on here are great!

  31. social sex is a GREAT site and that’s why i had to leave a review. this site just does everything right for me and i think that it does exactly what it says it will

  32. no comparison when i think of this site. the women on here are just hotter than anywhere else and i think they really are the only ones that ever reply

  33. Der Hamster

    a lot of people seem to think this is a scam but it isn’t, it’s just kind of a slow moving site overall. the women on here are hot and it’s worth the wait!

  34. i’m sure this site is legit but that doesn’t mean that social sex is my absolute favorite. the ladies on here are fun in theory but they rarely reply to my messages

  35. Brave Stallion

    i think this site is pretty good overall and has a lot of fun stuff on it. it’s one of my favorites to use because the women just know how to have a good time!

  36. when i did a test run of this site i didn’t expect to like it as much. social sex is a lot of fun and the ladies on here are just in general hotter

  37. 10 out of 10 rating for this site! it’s well worth the money because the women on here are just hotter and they ALWAYS return your messages!

  38. for a casual dating site this one just hits it out of the park. there are still some flaws but what site doesn’t have those these days. give this one a shot.

  39. i think that as a dating site social sex could be better. overall tho it is ok i just think that it’s not my favorite and that it could be a bit easier to use

  40. love sites like this. i rarely find one as good as this site though so i am really thrilled and will DEFINITELY keep coming back to use this one again

  41. good luck finding another site as good as this one to review! social sex REALLY does it right. the ladies on here are hot and it’s so easy to hookup with them!

  42. hardly any other sites come close in comparison. it just does all the right things and hits all my marks. don’t waste your time with anything else

  43. El Gargoyle

    definitely not a scam! this site does an amazing job at helping you meet women. the only drawback though is there is a LOT of competition!

  44. i’m sure this site is legit though i’m still not putting it among my favorites. social sex has a few good things about it but overall it just seems the same as every other site

  45. Frozen Lama

    not much is bad about this site that’s for sure. i can only think of good things to say in this review overall so don’t pass this one up

  46. when i did a test of this site i was really impressed. social sex blew me away with how easy it is to use. the women on here are also just hot!

  47. only rating i can give this site is an A. it really does a good job of helping you meet women so it’s worth the price. don’t pass this one over.

  48. Sweet Canary

    hard to beat this site when it comes to casual dating. you won’t be let down by using this one so just sign up already and enjoy it

  49. i’ve used a lot of sites for dating and i think social sex is just ok among them. it’s not anything special or different than the other ones so keep that in mind

  50. Maximum Bitter Donkey

    sites like this aren’t in very big number and it’s a shame. this one REALLY does it right, the ladies are hot and it’s very easy to talk to them!


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