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We went ahead and ranked xHookups as #4 of the best online dating sites for a reason. You will definitely find a hookup on this site, since more than 50 percent of the women we e-mailed wrote back!

We’re usually pretty good judges of whether a site is going to be a good one or a bad one. In most cases, we’ll actually be able to tell whether a site is good or bad within ten seconds.

Sometimes, we’re wrong.

That was the case with, a site that we were SURE was a scam before we started using it.

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Now, we’re pretty convinced that they probably just didn’t know too much about how to design a website, because everything but the site’s design was good-and by that, I mean that we got laid, so it went on the Top 5 List of legit sex dating websites.

So, let’s see if can live up to the hype, or if looks are what they seem (they’re not). Let’s take a closer examination of and why it ranked in the top 5.

The vast majority of time that you sign on to a site that has a plain white background and thumbnail pictures of women, it’s going to be a scam. That’s just the most common format for scam sites, so most sites that AREN’T scams have changed their front pages to something else, something a little less recognizably scuzzy.

xHookups Image Overlay

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The fact that still boasts that look did not bode well, but we went in anyway. Hell, we were totally prepared to try another scam site. What’s one more next to all the dozens of scam sites we’ve tried?

xHookups was not a scam.

We were pleasantly shocked to find that it wasn’t nearly so bad inside. In fact, it looked a lot like a legit site, surprisingly enough.

It’s not always easy to tell when women’s profiles are actually fake, but there are a lot of warning signs, and the girls on didn’t set off any of our usual warnings. We sent out messages to see if this was all a pipe dream or if it was pure dumb luck, and we were amazed at what we found!

Our Excellent Results After 4 months Of Using Xhookups.Com Is Xhookups.Com Worth It? TOTALLY.

During our xHookups review, we sent out emails to 600 women. If we didn’t send out the same amount of emails on every site we tried, the results would be pretty much meaningless, so we stuck to that as well as we possibly could through our reviews.

We were startled to get back a fabulous 394 emails!

That’s an average of about 65 percent return rate, which is one of the better return rates we’ve seen. In general, to prove that a site is legit, we expect to get at least 50 percent back, but blew that number pretty well out of the water.

Of course, this still doesn’t compare with the 498 messages we got back on That still remains the king of the casual dating site mountain, for good reason.

We went out with 17 girls on, after planning dates with 25. Yeah, plenty of them didn’t show up, but at least we met at bars where it doesn’t look all that sad to be there alone.

We DID manage to close the deal with 14 out of the 17 girls we went out with, so that was a very impressive closing score!

Xhookups.Com: The Best 3 Messages We Sent That Scored Us The Most Lays

Email 1: “Hi, Lucie. I have to say, for a girl with as impressive a resume as you, I’d have expected you to be taller! You don’t hear of many girls as cute as you taking home medals in intramural sports, but with you around, hopefully that will change. Then again, looking at the light in your eyes, I’m not surprised-I wouldn’t want to stand between you and something you wanted! It seems like a lot more fun to help you get exactly what it is you want.”

Email 2: “Hi, Erin. I don’t know much about riding equestrian, but I know that horse is probably feeling pretty lucky right now. Do you mostly do trail riding, or do you compete in dressage?”

The Things We Loved About Xhookups.Com

One thing we LOVE about is the fact that the women were so high quality. Even better, every member is required to submit a picture, so you’ll never be left wondering whether a woman is hot enough to contact or not before you email her.

We also love the fact that there are a lot of women who are really forward on! We got a lot of unsolicited emails on this site, especially after we’d been there for a couple months. These women know what they want, and we’re only too happy to give it to them! Casual Dating Strategies Revealed: How To Stand Out From The Pack On Xhookups.Com

The BEST way to get an edge on is to avoid being vulgar. We stopped in to the chat rooms a couple times, and we were surprised to find that the number one thing women were complaining about was men cursing a lot in their emails.

If you keep your emails clean and kind, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting laid on

…And The (Admittedly Few) Things We Didn’t Love About Xhookups.Com

While we love all of the women on this site, we can’t help but notice that the site itself isn’t quite up to par. It definitely needs a couple more years, and a better designer to come in and move some stuff around. NEEDS an update, and it needs to start looking less like a scam than the totally legit website it is!

Hand in hand with that,‘s messaging system needs a makeover. Some things got lost, and it was hard to keep track of the messages we’d already sent.

Our Final Review Verdict On Xhookups.Com: Is This The Best Site For Finding Casual Sex Online? is definitely a legit site. It’s not a scam, and you can meet women here. However, you’re going to have a much easier time of it on a site like, where there are just more women, less picky women, and women that are just as hot. The girls may be on, but the BABES are on!

50 Responses to “In Our Opinion: Why Xhookups.Com Was Reviewed At #4 For Casual Sex Dating”

  1. xhookups is one of the better sites that i have used so far. i love this site and that’s why i had to leave a review. it’s so easy to meet women on this site!

  2. no comparison to any other site that’s for sure. this one just does it all and i love it a lot for that fact. don’t pass this one up if you’re looking to get laid!

  3. Little Cougar

    a lot of people worry about it being a scam but i know it isn’t. this site is good, it just needs some cleaning up to get rid of old, inactive profiles

  4. i’m pretty sure that xhookups is legit but that doesn’t make it my favorite site at all. it just kind of is eh for me and a mediocre site isn’t good

  5. this site is REALLY good. it’s full of a lot of hot ladies and i can really enjoy it. i wish that i had found out about this site earlier for sure!

  6. did a test run and wow what a great site. xhookups hit it out of the park for me and i don’t think i will need any other hookup sites in the future

  7. 10 out of 10 rating for sure. this site does a really good job of helping you meet a lot of different women in your area so don’t pass this one over

  8. Fierce Power

    i think this is a pretty good site for casual dating. it can be a little slow moving at times but other than that it does a good job and i have no complaints

  9. xhookups is ok for dating but not the best. it’s just kind of eh in my book, i wish that it had women that would talk to me and answer my messages more

  10. Rough Rare Reptile

    seeing sites like this is always great. i love an actual reputable site that will help me get laid, it’s so hard to find them these days!

  11. only review i can leave for xhookups is a great one! this site hits it out of the park and then some. the girls are hot and it’s easy to talk to them!

  12. no comparison need be had to this one. it’s just awesome and you WILL get laid on here. don’t pass it up, it’s worth it and the girls are really hot

  13. Dreaded Space

    i was worried this site was a scam but it definitely isn’t. the women on here are all real and the only bad thing about the whole site is the fact it can take a bit for it to get started

  14. i think this site is legit but that doesn’t mean xhookups is the best one out there. it’s just kind of meh to me. overall i guess i might try it again

  15. Yellow Prince

    it’s a really good site and well worth the time and money i’ve put into it. the women i’ve met on this site are a lot more fun than anywhere else!

  16. i just did a test run of xhookups and was really impressed. i will definitely be back to this site in the future because i’ve met a lot of hot girls here!

  17. A+ rating for sure. this site just does it right. you won’t be disappointed because you will definitely get laid on this site so just give it a shot

  18. Flying Green Iris

    i’ve used a lot of sites for casual dating and this one does it best. you will get laid on here, just takes a lot of time sometimes so be patient

  19. xhookups seems to be a decent enough site for dating. it’s not my fav but it’ll do, i just don’t know if i will stick around and use it for the long haul

  20. Steamy Beauty Filly

    seen sites like this a lot and this one is the only one i will come back to in the long run. i love this site and the ladies are just really hot!

  21. there’s nothing to say about this site in a review that isn’t good. xhookups does it all right and then some. i really love this site and the ladies on it!

  22. it’s pretty hard to think of a comparison to a site that’s really good. i’ve met so many women on here that it has definitely already paid for itself!

  23. Lynx Chicken

    definitely not a scam. these women are all real and hot but it can take awhile before you actually get to sleep with them. just dont’ get discouraged.

  24. while i am sure that xhookups is legit it just isn’t the best site out there for me. it’s a little slow moving on the actual hooking up part which can be pretty frustrating

  25. RhinoRhino

    this site is really good and one of my favorites. the ladies i’ve met on here are women that i really enjoy my time with and we hookup regularly now!

  26. was just supposed to be a test run but it turned into something a lot more! i don’t think i will use another site other than xhookups from now on.

  27. only rating i can give this site is an A+. it really does everything i could want it to do and more. it’s just a great site with a really consistent service!

  28. Hidden Rusty Invader

    i think that it’s ok for casual dating and a lot of fun at times. it can take awhile to get used to tho so don’t get frustrated by it, just keep trying

  29. Salvatore

    i’ve used so many different sites for dating that i’m sort of eh about most of them now. xhookups is ok but it’s just not the end all be all.

  30. Hidden Doe

    sites like this are usually kind of meh for me but this one is just awesome. don’t pass this one up, you will get laid if you use it for sure!

  31. generally i am not impressed by sites like xhookups but i can’t believe how good this site is, so here’s a great review! i will never us another hookup site again!

  32. don’t pass this one over. the only comparison i can think of giving to this site is to another great one so that won’t do. just try it and you’ll see!

  33. Fiend Dreaded

    not a scam at all. this is a great site and really worth the cash for it. you won’t be disappointed because you will definitely be getting laid on here.

  34. this site might be legit but xhookups isn’t my favorite at all. the ladies are hot but they just don’t seem to answer my messages very quiclky

  35. this is a really good site overall. i will definitely be back to use it again after i met so many women at once before. i highly recommend this site to you!

  36. just give it a test run, you won’t be disappointed! that’s what i did and i ended up just falling in love with xhookups. this is a great site for sure

  37. 10 out of 10. this site gets my highest rating because it honestly does just knock it out of the park. it’s sooo worth the money, you will definitely get laid.

  38. Pale Thomas Bloodrayne

    of all the casual dating sites i have tried so far this is one of my favorites it isn’t without its flaws but it’s still good just give it a shot and you will like it

  39. for dating i guess it’s ok. i think that xhookups is ok all in all but it’s just still not my favorite out there, it needs a bit of work before it’s my fav

  40. Disappointed Smoke

    when i see sites like this i am usually skeptical. but this one is just great and i will definitely be back to this one again in the future

  41. hard not to give xhookups a good review to be honest! i got laid on this site a lot faster than i ever have before and that definitely makes it worth it

  42. impossible to think of a comparison to this site. it rocks it out of the park and the ladies on this site are more fun than i have ever seen

  43. it’s just definitely not a scam so keep that in mind. even though this site got off to a slow start for me it picks up and you just have to be patient with it

  44. i think this site is legit but that being said xhookups just isn’t the best out there and i think you can do better. for me it’s just all about how long it takes!

  45. Helpless Hearty Spider

    it’s a good site and one i will be back to for sure. don’t pass this one over when it’s a great buy and really worth the money, the girls are hot!

  46. i just did a test of this site and was really impressed with it. the full run is even better! xhookups just does a great job overall and i’m so happy with it.

  47. only rating this one gets from me is a 10 out of 10. it rocks it out with so many different ladies wanting to talk to me so i can’t pass this one up

  48. Runny Purple Walrus

    i’ve done a lot of casual dating and this one is one of the better sites for it. it isn’t perfect but what site is? it just overall is a solid site for you

  49. as far as dating goes i think that xhookups is ok but not the best. i have other sites i like more but this is one i will use if i am in a pinch

  50. Lefty Rabbit

    like sites like this a lot and this one reminded me why. it just works really well and does exactly what it says it will. i’ll be back to this one again!


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