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Xpress is our second choice, and not too shabby. Of all the women we contacted, we got over 30 dates with great results. is a fully-featured dating site with the heart of an awesome casual hookup site.

This site is one of the nicer-looking sites we’ve ever been to, and we’ve seen a LOT of websites over the years. made a great impression, both with the women we met on the site and the general quality of the design, the use, and everything about it!

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Let’s take a closer look at why we love, and why we think it’ll get you LAID.

The first thing we noticed while we were writing our Xpress review was how sleek and nice-looking the website is. This is NOT a rusty old website that anyone was using 20 years ago to hook up. This is a shiny, modern, updated website that has the best features around, and makes everything much easier to navigate and use.

A lot of sites are good for some things, like just for casual dating, but is one of the rare few sites that’s good for just about every kind of dating-which is both good and bad for us!

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Xpress is #2 website for online dating. Take advantage of a free trial: Xpress

It’s good, because the girls who aren’t sure if they want to date casually can try it out for the first time without feeling judged.

It’s bad, because you’re never QUITE sure if the girl you’re contacting is genuinely into just hooking up, or if she’s secretly hoping it will turn into a relationship.

Still, this site has a LOT of women, and we had an awesome time using it, especially with the amazing design.

Our Excellent Results After 4 months Of Using Is Worth It? TOTALLY.

During our Xpress review, we sent out emails to 600 women. We were hoping to get at least 300 back, since that would give us a 50 percent score and a pretty good chance of getting laid.

Excitingly, we got back 461 messages! We were thrilled to have such a good run of it. True, it’s not quite as good as, which got us 498 messages-but it was still surprisingly high for a casual sex dating website response rate!

We set up dates with 36 girls, and 31 of them showed up. Again, even though we missed out on those other four, 31 is still a great number from just one website. We even wound up closing the deal with 25 of them over a period of four months time!

We got great results, we had fun, and you can see from the grid exactly why we’ll be going back to! The Best 2 Messages We Sent That Scored Us The Most Lays

Email 1: “Hi, Petra. Even though it was the badass skills you mention in your profile that made me email you, I can’t stop thinking about that determined look in your profile picture. You look like a girl that’s ready to take on the world. I love that in a woman. I have to say, I’m also intrigued by the fact that you say that few men have ever been able to stand up to you. Ever wondered what happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object? Want to find out?”

Email 2: “Hi, Carla. I think it’s amazing that you’re being so forthcoming about your family and your history, but if you don’t mind, I’d rather just focus on you-something tells me you don’t get much of a chance to do that very often. What’s something that you’d love to do that you wouldn’t tell anyone that you thought would judge you?”

The Things We Loved About

The website of is so well-designed that it’s difficult to imagine finding something that DOESN’T work properly. This site is completely modern, sleek, and responsive to every action.

We never had issues with sending messages, we never had problems with making sure things got through, and we never had to worry that our emails were going to a spam or junk filter.

We also loved the payment plan! This is one of the cheaper sites on our list, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality of the girls we found. We love how cheap it gets when you buy several months together! Casual Dating Strategies Revealed: How To Stand Out From The Pack On

One of the best ways to get ahead on is to put up an INTERESTING profile picture.

Most of the guys on have really boring profile pictures-no one wants to see you staring blankly at the camera in your jacket, turned slightly to the left like it’s Picture Day at middle school. Do something in your photo! Take snap of you surfing, playing with a dog, something to get some attention. If you can’t get out and do even that, just photoshop it.

Another thing you can do to get ahead on is to AVOID having even one picture of your junk-but still include a shot that shows a little bit of the goods. You want to keep girls guessing, not make them laugh at how brazen you are.

…And The (Admittedly Few) Things We Didn’t Love About

Honestly, with we could have done without the constant siege of women who were on the lookout for husbands. For some reason, this site seems to attract that kind of girl, and we’re a little sick of it. That’s not why we’re on a casual dating site!

Another thing we don’t totally love is the fact that you can get stuck in chat rooms for hours, if you’re not careful. These are places that (unusually) have an active and intelligent discussion board, and it’s difficult for our resolve to not visit chat rooms when we’re looking for a date.

Our Final Review Verdict On Is This The Best Site For Finding Casual Sex Online?

We love This is one of the very few sites that we would use exclusively, if we had to choose just one website for casual dating. However, we’d very much like to use more than one site at a time!

Also, did give us slightly higher numbers, especially where it counts (the number of babes we banged). We had to give the number one spot, but is a very good second place.

50 Responses to “In Our Opinion: Why Was Reviewed At #2 For Casual Sex Dating”

  1. xpress is one of my favorite sites by far. that’s why i have to leave it a good review. the women on here are just hotter and they are a lot of fun!

  2. hardly any other sites can come close to this one! there’s no comparison, it’s just a great site and there are a lot of hot ladies on here

  3. Bad Captain

    don’t pass this one over. if someone says it’s a scam they’re just wrong…this site does it right, it just moves kind of slowly at times and that’s ok

  4. while i am sure that xpress is legit it just isn’t my favorite overall. the women on here are good looking but they just don’t respond to messages very often

  5. this site isn’t any good at all. IT’S AMAZING. the women are just hot as i’ve ever seen and you really can’t look away from them when using this site

  6. hard to believe this site doesn’t have more members. i did a test run of xpress and was immediately hooked! i won’t use any other site than this one now

  7. only rating i can give for this site is an A+. the girls are really fun here and i’ve not yet met a single crazy one. highly recommended on my end!

  8. Donkey Small

    i think this site does a good job for casual dating. it can miss on a few points but it’s still pretty decent. the ladies are hot and are a lot of fun

  9. it’s hard to find a dating site that i like and i’m not sure about as of yet. the girls are hot but i just can’t get them to really respond to my messages

  10. Evil Brutus Davis

    when i see sites like this i’m either in love with them or hate them. in this case, it’s the former! it just does a great job and it’s well worth the money

  11. hard to give this site anything but a positive review. xpress just rocks it out, the women on here are hotter and i’ve never gotten laid as much as i have on here

  12. few sites have a comparison to this one. it just does a great job of helping you meet ladies and it’s really worth it. there are so many girls here!

  13. Stattraxlux

    it’s not a scam but it still has its flaws. the site has a lot of competition so just keep that in mind when you are using it, you won’t get laid that fast

  14. this site is legit but that doesn’t mean it’s one of my favorites. xpress could be a lot better, right now it’s just kind of slow moving for me, i hope it picks up

  15. this site is good and one that i will go back to again and again. i’ve met a lot of ladies on here that i will never forget. awesome site!

  16. when i did a test of this site i was really impressed. xpress does it right, the women are easy to talk to and it’s just fun hooking up with them

  17. hard NOT to give this site a great rating to be honest! it just does everything right as far as i’ve seen, the ladies are good looking and fun to talk to

  18. for casual dating it doesn’t get much better. the women on here do a great job at being easy to talk to and that’s a big plus in my book. just kind of competitive!

  19. i’ve used a lot of dating sites and i guess that xpress is ok. the girls on here are kind of hard to approach at times and that’s disappointing. i may or may not be back

  20. Rich Pottery

    when i look at sites like this i’m rarely impressed but this one did a good job. you’ll definitely get laid here, i got a lot of responses right off the bat

  21. Cathrine

    one of my favorites by far and that’s why i have to leave a review. xpress does it right. the women on here are super hot and i can’t imagine going anywhere else

  22. it’s pretty hard to think of a comparison to this site. it just works really awesome and the women are so fun to talk to. i’m not going to pass this one over!

  23. Dust Angry Knight

    this site is definitely not a scam…it has a few issues but it’s not bad. don’t worry about it because you’ll get laid on here, it just might take a bit

  24. i think this site is legit but that doesn’t mean that xpress does the best job i’ve ever seen. it has a few issues that i just ignore for the most part

  25. Gutsy Empire

    a really good site. you won’t find another one that helps you meet as many women as this one does so just enjoy it and have fun with it

  26. hard to find another site to do a test of that actually does its job. xpress does that and more and i will definitely be signing up for the long term

  27. this site gets my highest rating for sure. i REALLY enjoyed this one and had a great time using it so don’t look this one over in the future!

  28. for casual dating it’s just ok. i think this site has a lot of good things about it and that’s what keeps me around, including all the really hot chicks!

  29. when it comes to dating i guess that xpress works for some people but it’s been really slow for me so far. i’m not sure if i’ll keep using this one

  30. Maxi Nervous Coyote

    love sites like this. it’s hard to find a really good one but this one rocks it out. just enjoy this one and have a great time with the ladies on here

  31. only review i can give this site is a great one. xpress rocks my world and so do the women on it! i haven’t been able to use a site this great in awhile!

  32. no comparison. this site is just awesome, the ladies are hot and it really does an awesome job of helping you meet them overall!

  33. Beaver Orange

    this site definitely isn’t a scam i’ll give it that. it can be kind of slow to get started on but overall this site just does a good job and i will probably use it again

  34. while i am sure this site is legit it’s just not my favorite site in general. xpress is an ok site but it just doesn’t do the best job in the world for me

  35. Silver Agent

    this site has so many good parts to it that i can’t pick just one. this site is awesome and will help you meet a TON of hot ladies for sure!

  36. i wanted to just give this site a test but i ended up really enjoying it. xpress does it right on a lot of levels and it just really rocks it out for me!

  37. this site gets one of my highest ratings yet. it just works really well and does a great job of helping to connect me with lots of different women!

  38. Flaming Locomotive

    i think this site does a good job for most people. it’s ok for casual dating but i’ve had more success on it when i’ve just hopped on for sex lol

  39. xpress is ok for dating. it’s not my favorite or my preferred site but it does an ok job and i will probably try it again, it’s just not THAT great

  40. usually sites like this just flop on a dozen levels. this one does a great job as far as i’ve seen so far and i will definitely recommend it to others!

  41. definitely gets a good review from me. xpress does an amazing job on a lot of different levels and i’m pretty happy with it so far!

  42. it’s impossible to find another site that comes close in comparison to this one. it just does a great job and the women on here are sooo hot. don’t pass it up!

  43. The Wild Killer

    definitely not a scam! that being said, it’s not without flaws. don’t even look at this site if you don’t have patience lol otherwise it’s great!

  44. while i’m sure this is legit i just don’t think that xpress is that impressive. it just doesn’t really work for me and i think that it has potential but oh well

  45. Grim Screamy Filly

    one of the best sites i’ve used so far. it’s just that good! the ladies are hot and they always want to talk to me. can’t ask for more than that!

  46. i did a test run of xpress and was really impressed. there’s nothing bad to say about this site and so i will definitely be back for more

  47. only rating it gets from me is an A+. it hits all of my marks and then some, so i’m SO happy to give it a shot and come back again

  48. for casual dating, it’s ok. i think this site has a lot going for it but it’s not the best in the world, it just works well for some and i’m one of those

  49. i’ve been on a lot of dating sites and i guess that xpress is ok. it just isn’t my favorite so i’m not sure if i will be returning it to it in the future

  50. Angry Screamy Duck

    usually not impressed by sites like this but this one just hits it out of the park. don’t pass this one up, the ladies are just hotter on here


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