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We wanted to like this site, but the more we used it, the more we hated it! Avoid if possible.

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how to run a casual dating site scam, well, you’re in is pretty much a play-by-play guide to making sure that you’re absolutely covered when it comes to everything a scam can do.

This is your basic “fake website to steal your credit card” kind of scam. There are others, but for the purposes of this demonstration, we’re going to be looking at the basic scam.

dating site scam alert image

Ready to learn about the most obvious scam website in the world? Let’s take a look at

This website reads like a checklist of all the things scam websites do to hook you in:

  • White background with thumbnails? CHECK.
  • Bad English and grammar? CHECK.
  • Totally out of proportion claims? CHECK.
  • Models in photographs claiming to be in your area? CHECK.
  • Billing scam? CHECK.
  • Terms & Conditions saying they’re allowed to pretend to be you even after you leave, by impersonating your profile? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

xxxblackbook image for homepage

Basically, if there’s something bad and gross that a site can do, has done it.

These aren’t to say that they’re the ONLY ways you can find a scam site, but it’s very, very rare that you’ll find a site that does all these things when it’s actually legitimate. is not legitimate. It’s not even close. This site is only there so it can rip off your money, and you will never get it back, because you signed it away in the terms & conditions. The ONLY way you’ll ever get money back from is if you file with your credit card company, and that doesn’t always work.

Our Honest Results After Trying For Casual Sex Dating

During our XXXBlackBook review, we sent out emails to 600 fake profiles-whoops, we mean 600 women. Yeah. They’re definitely real women and not fake profiles or anything.

We got back a whopping 32 emails, which was not nearly as exciting as it sounds…and it doesn’t sound exciting.

We never got laid, and we never got a single date. The entire thing was completely pointless.

What We Thought: Why Could Be A Scam

We can think of a LOT of things to do with $68. We could buy a brand new video game, or a round for all of our friends, or get the oil changed twice in the car, or buy organic produce instead of regular for a month.

We’re not really fans of the idea of paying that much to NOT meet women.

Seriously, tell us we’re going to meet a lot of women, and we’ll pay. We don’t care. We’re FINE with paying on legit websites.

But if the site is so not legit that there’s NO CHANCE we’re going to meet a woman, we’d rather just have the organic produce, probably. That’s at least not going to give us rage heartburn.

Besides, maybe we’ll meet a cute organic farmer girl with armpit hair and white girl dreadlocks. We could dig that. Wow, off-topic. sucks.

Should You Bother With For Casual Sex Dating?

You should DEFINITELY not use for casual sex dating, since it is a scam!

Instead of wasting your time and money on, try out our very FAVORITE site for casual sex dating instead, if that one doesn’t work for you, try Something WILL work, and you’ll be better off than on

30 Responses to “ Review: The Truth About Why Failed To Be One Of Our Top Casual Sex Dating Sites”

  1. this site doesn’t deserve a positive review at all. stay away from xxxblackbook, it’s a site full of scammers and a LOT of fake profiles, just a big mess!

  2. you won’t get laid here. for comparison, every other site i have ever used has always gotten me a hookup. this one didn’t even get me a single CONVERSATION

  3. definitely just a big scam and not worth your time unless you like checking out fake profiles all day. if that’s your then thing this is definitely the best site for you out there

  4. not sure if xxxblackbook is legit or not? i think this site has a lot of potential to be really fun but so far it just misses the mark for me which is really disappointing. not sure about it overall

  5. Intense Honey

    this site doesn’t have much going for it at all. i can’t think of a single good thing to note about it in this so i will just tell you not to use it at all instead

  6. when i did a test run of xxxblackbook i was not pleased. it’s just disappointing to see so many fake profiles in one place which is really all this site is

  7. only rating i can give this site is a 0 out of 10. it doesn’t meet any of my expectations and i definitely wont’ be back to use it again with so many fakes

  8. John Insane Dreadbeard

    not my pick for casual dating to be sure. it’s just not a good site overall and generally doesn’t work to make me interested in using it again in the future

  9. i’ve used a lot of dating sites and i’m not sure that i will be back to use xxxblack book again. this site kind of misses for me on a few different levels

  10. Rat Screaming

    when i see sites like this i usually just want to throw them off a cliff. there’s nothing going on here so what even is the point of this site overall

  11. while this site might work for some people it doesn’t work for me thus it gets a bad review. just pass on xxxblackbook as a general rule if you want to get laid

  12. there’s no comparison to how bad this site is. i just don’t even want to look at it let alone ever use it again, it isn’t worth a single penny to me

  13. this site is just definitely a giant scam. it’s full of fake profiles and at least some of them are hot but that’s not really something you want to spend cash on

  14. i think this site is ok but i’m not sure if all the profiles are legit or not. xxxblackbook just moves really slowly for me and i’m not really happy about that

  15. i think this site has nothing good going on and so it’s better off being shut down than sitting around and scamming people. don’t spend your money here!

  16. only thing i did was test run this site and i’m already incredibly disappointed. i definitely wont’ be back to use xxxblackbook again, it’s just a waste

  17. this site gets a low rating from me because there are just fakes EVERYWHERE. you won’t get laid on a site like that so it’s just a waste of my time and energy

  18. Slidy Believer

    for casual dating i think you can do so much better than this site. i will be going elsewhere on my own time so be smart and do the same thing

  19. i’ve used so many dating sites. this one unfortunately doesn’t live up to my expectations. i think that xxxblackbook has potential but it’s just not being shown!

  20. The Cheerful Bandit

    when i see sites like this i’m rarely impressed and this is no exception. i’m going to pass on this one and use another site that actually gets the job done

  21. only review this site gets from me is a bad one for sure. xxxblackbook does NOT help you get laid, it just steals your money and you won’t see it again

  22. in comparison every other site has done a better job for me than this one. i can’t believe this is still up and running and stealing money from people

  23. Left-handed Trustee

    pass on this obvious scam. there are just fake profiles everywhere and not a real woman in site. the only good thing about it are fake pics!

  24. i don’t think this site is legit but i’m really trying to give xxxblackbook a chance. there are so many hot girls on here that it would be a shame to do so otherwise!

  25. Stormy King

    i do NOT think this site is good at all and i will never be back to use it again. pass on this one and keep your money for a real site that works

  26. i wanted to just give it a test run and i was ultimately very unimpressed by it. xxxblackbook doesn’t live up to any of its claims at all!

  27. only rating i will give this one is an F. pass on it and go to a site that will get you laid for real and not make you talk to a bunch of scammers all day

  28. Birdie Loose

    for casual dating it’s no good. you won’t get laid on here because there aren’t any real women and it’s really obvious when you actually look at this site

  29. not sure about using xxxblackbook for dating. it doesn’t work very well for me and i’m not that happy with it thus far so i’m not sure about coming back

  30. sites like this are rarely good and this is no exception. i won’t be back to use this one again becaues it really doesn’t get the job done


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